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Weathered Wood Multi Level Bird House

Weathered Wood Multi Level Bird House

Weathered Wood Multi Level Bird House

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Bird House

These hand crafted bird houses ( mansions ) are made from weathered wood and will make a cozy and charming location for a happy bird family ( or two ) near you. The sturdy thick cut nail perches at the entrances ( 7 ) and the "aged barn" wood construction makes us think of chilly New England in Fall and Winter with a wisp of smoke from a fireplace in the air. We love the multi-level three roof design of these models. Quite roomy for the lucky birds that move in, these charming houses will blend right in to the branches of a tree, the backdrop of the woods, or will look great on the railing of a deck. They also can be used as decorative pieces in a greenhouse, in a garden or anywhere in the home that you would like a woodsy natural accent piece.

17 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide x 10 inches deep

Opening: 1 in diameter. If you need a larger opening, it would be quite easy to bore it larger with a drill bit.

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