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Bonsai Supplies

Supplies for Bonsai and other fine plants.

Repotting Tools

Repotting Helpers for Bonsai

Clear Plastic Saucers

Clear Plastic Saucers for Bonsai

Cork Mats

Cork Mats for Bonsai

Plant Labels

Bonsai supplies from

Bonsai Soil Mixes

   13 Bonsai Soil Mixes
Imperial Bonsai Soil Mix

Ceramic Bonsai Pots

Glazed Ceramic Pots for Bonsai
Ceramic Bonsai Pots

Potting Media

   62 Potting Medium Choices
Potting Medium

Fertilizer & Supplements

FEED ME! MSU Formula
Bonsai Fertilizer

Fungus Gnat Control

BTI, Yellow Sticky Traps & more
Get rid of fungus gnats

Select-A-Blend Mix

   Make Your Own Potting Mix
Make your own Bonsai Mixes

Watering Tools

  Watering Cans and Misters
watering cans

Bonsai Humidity Trays

  Back in Black! - Humidi Grow™ Trays
humidity trays

Bonsai Training Pots

  57 Unique Plastic Pots
orchid pots