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You Can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids - Mary Noble

You Can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids - Mary Noble

You Can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids - Mary Noble


Books by Mary Noble:

All about the lovely Phalaenopsis orchids that have become such popular houseplants. Color painting of the species for identification. How to grow them and how today's hybrids were developed. 102 pages, Edition II, Second printing 1998.

Written by Mary Noble, this book is part of a series written for people who have orchids or want to have orchids. Whether you have a few plants or many, you will find these books helpful in growing your plants well and blooming them at their best. Color paintings in each book by noted artist Marion Ruff Sheehan.

These books by Mary Noble are a rare find indeed. We have recently acquired a relatively small quantity of these remarkable books in new condition. Known by many as the "First Lady of the Orchid World", she was born in 1917 and lived to be 88, passing away in June of 2006. She was known around the world for her expertise and passion for orchids. She founded the Jacksonville Orchid Society in 1943 and maintained a greenhouse with hundreds of varieties of orchids. She was a certified judge with the American Orchid Society and also an Honorary Vice President of the Society.

Each of her books are a treasure, simple and direct, written in a style that encourages all of us to jump in and experience the pleasure of growing these spectacular plants. Each of these paperback books have great illustrations ( pictures, drawings and diagrams ). They are easy to read books that you will be delighted to own and you can be certain will make great gifts for the experienced grower and the newest enthusiast alike.

To our knowledge these great books are now out of print and it is not known if more copies will be printed in the future.

This book also makes a wonderful gift for the grower/hobbyist you know.

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