Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin
Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin

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Ceramic Cachepots

Our roomy cachepots combine magical color with functional display properties.
These unique pieces are often used to display orchids in bloom.

8" Blue Mist Ceramic Cachepot

8" Blue Mist Ceramic Cachepot

with 6 inch Crystal Clear Orchid Pot

8" Fern Ceramic Cachepot

8" Fern Ceramic Cachepot

with 6 inch Crystal Clear Orchid Pot

With a generous 8 inch inside diameter, cachepots are a great way to dispay a variety of orchids. One free 6" crystal clear orchid pot is included with every cachepot ordered.

Multi-Item Quick Order Sheet

8" Blue Mist Ceramic Cachepot $39.13
8" Fern Ceramic Cachepot $39.13

Fast forward one year and our species Phal Amabilis shown above has enjoyed a good growth season in its Phalaenopsis Orchid Mix!

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