Doritaenopsis Sinica Cherry
Doritaenopsis Sinica Cherry

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10" Teal Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot and Detached Matching Ceramic Drip Tray

10" Teal Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot and Detached Matching Ceramic Drip Tray

10" Teal Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot and Detached Matching Ceramic Drip Tray

with 8" Rigid Clear Orchid Pot

Don't forget fresh potting mix!

This ceramic orchid pot is a deep rich teal in a beautiful hexagonal shape.

The design provides for maximum aeration and light and includes feet that suspend the pot above the matching detached drip tray. Each ceramic orchid pot is unique and color varies from piece to piece, and will be a wonderful addition to your display.

Approximately 9 inches tall and 10 inches wide, these are truly works of art and are mostly glazed inside as well. Multiple pads on the base protect surfaces.

Each pot comes with a free 8" Rigid Clear Orchid Pot which fits nicely inside.

User Reviews of our Products

Yes I received my order and I am more than pleased. The ceramic orchid pots are elegantly beautiful in every way. I LOVE them! I can't stop looking at them. I will be getting more. The quality of all the items I received is just awesome. The customer service care is even better. You guys really try to take care of people. I have already passed on some things I have learned from your site. I have told all of my flower loving friends about you guys. Thanks!

Melissa N. ---- Wilkesboro, NC

Received my second order ( 8 African Violet Pots ) and I am just as pleased as with the first order ( 3 African Violet Pots ). They are truly lovely works of art and all were received in great shape. You have the best packaging I've seen. Thanks so much!

Linda C. --- Fair Oaks, CA

"Thank you VERY much for the follow up. The new orchid pots were very well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. I like the decorative orchid pots very well. Again, thank you very much for your prompt service and checking back on shipment arrival and satisfaction. I'm just a very small enthusiast but even we need the best supplies! Your extra attention prompted my re-order. I've just ordered some potting blend (Seedling Classic Orchid Mix) and 3 more orchid pots today. I will order from again."

Janis B. --- Tupelo, MS


My order arrived yesterday and was, as always, in very good shape.


A few comments on my experience with your company and my impressions of your services: your representations of your products match the actual products, your instructional materials are superb, shipping is prompt and packaging is excellent. All in all, shopping from you using the internet is a pleasure. Keep up the good work!

Blanche P. --- Cambridge, MD

I LOVE your site. Clean, easy to use, your cart actually WORKS, everything was packaged quite well. Very professional, and a welcome change in the world of orchid supply e-commerce -- which on the whole I have found to be quite horrifying.

My only request would be that you continue to expand your ceramic pot line. it's extremely difficult to find nice ceramic pots, and moreover to find them in colors other than dark hues like blue or teal. Seeing a few more color choices for some of the lovely pots you have would be great - often I find the color I want (green, yellow, red), or the pot I want, but rarely both! =)

I will certainly order from you again, and have referred you already to friends and family.

Thank you for the lovely e-commerce experience,

Wendy M. ---- Redlands CA

One of the best experiences I've ever had ordering from an internet company -- very fast service, good packaging, the products are great -- I especially love the 5" Natural Clay Moss Accent Sculpted Square Ceramic Orchid Pot in Moss, it's beautiful and I'm going to order another one.

I'll be sure to use your company again to order orchid supplies, and refer you to my friends. Keep up the good work,

Diane M. --- Albuquerque, NM

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. I'm completely new to the world of orchids -- I received a Brassocattleya Maikai for my birthday, and have been having a bit of a difficult time sorting out information and finding appropriate supplies for my little plant. Your website was so easy to use and informative, and I was able to get everything I needed very quickly and without confusion. The ceramic pot, (plus FEED ME! Orchid Fertilizer and Classic Orchid Mix) I ordered is beautiful, and I received the shipment less than 20 hours after placing it! I'm impressed!

Rebecca H. ---- Annapolis MD

Wow! I must say, I'm impressed!

First off, my order did arrive safe and sound - it was a Mother's Day present and my mom LOVES it! I bought her a Phalaenopsis a few years ago and despite her thoughts that she would kill it immediately, she has done a wonderful job caring for it. She has experienced several bloomings, her original pot is now quite small and we plan to transplant it together once I visit her in late June. She was originally terrified of this but after showing her your tutorial, she feels we can do it. By then the current blooming will have finished.

My mother was overly pleased with the pot I selected - the color and craftsmanship just tickled her. She spent about 10 minutes talking to me about the little details here and there and how it looks so good in the room. She was also flabbergasted at the amount of media she received. She expected perhaps enough to do one pot - not enough to do several! I can't wait to see the items myself and look forward to purchasing pots for my own African Violets from you when the time to repot them grows nearer.

Lastly, it's amazing you send me this e-mail in light of a current situation. Back in early March I had made an online purchase from another company. By the beginning of May, I became quite concerned as I had neither received ANY contact from that company nor had I received the item I purchased. On top of that, when I checked my "order status" it had remained at pending. I sent them an e-mail to inquire as to the reasons for this and their reply was that they were out of stock of a particular item needed to make my order. No apologies or anything.

That... just astounds me. They could have informed me in the very beginning! Needless to say, to receive GREAT service from you restores some of my broken faith in online shopping. I can guarantee that you have a customer for life in me, and in all of my friends! Keep up the great work!

Sincerely Pleased,

Bridget N. ----- Bay City, MI

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