Lc. Mini Purple 'Candy Tuft'
Lc. Mini Purple 'Candy Tuft'

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Ceramic Orchid Window Boxes

6.5" x 11.5" Distressed Copper Ceramic Orchid Window Box

6.5" x 11.5" Distressed Copper Ceramic Orchid Window Box

with two 5" Crystal Clear Orchid Pots

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We carry unique ceramic glazed orchid window boxes.

Each of these pieces are a perfect for holding two orchids side by side. Each comes with a fixed drip tray, multiple rubber pads on the base to protect surfaces, and stands just over 5" tall. Inside diameter is approximately 4.5" x 9" and outside diameter is about 5" x 9.5". They have a lovely butterfly cut out design pattern to allow light and aeration for your plants.

Wonderful fresh designs and colors with functional designs that will make excellent additions to your display collection. Available in: Bay Blue, Copper, Distressed Copper, Tropical Green, Vanilla Bean, and Creme.

Our 4" crystal clear pot fits nicely in each of these and two are included with each pot ordered.

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