Miniature Cattleya
Miniature Cattleya

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Ceramic Orchid Pots

Small Ceramic Orchid Pots

     10 Choices
Very Small Ceramic Orchid Pots

4" Ceramic Orchid Pots

     10 Choices
Small  Ceramic Orchid Pots

5" Ceramic Orchid Pots

     72 Choices
Small to Medium Ceramic Orchid Pots

6" Ceramic Orchid Pots

     7 Choices
Medium Ceramic Orchid Pots

7" Ceramic Orchid Pots

     47 Choices
Medium to Large Ceramic Orchid Pots

5" & 7" Vanilla Bean Ceramic Orchid Pots

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White Ceramic Orchid Pots

9" Ceramic Orchid Pots

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Large Ceramic Orchid Pots

10" Ceramic Orchid Pots

     7 Choices
Extra Large Ceramic Orchid Pots

5" x 9.5" Ceramic Orchid Window Boxes

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Orchid Window Boxes in Ceramic

5" x 7.5" Tall Ceramic Orchid Pots

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Tall Ceramic Orchid Pots

Pagoda-Style Ceramic Orchid Pots

     5 Choices
Pagoda Style Ceramic Pots

African Violet Pots

     75+ Choices
African Violet Self Watering Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Bonsai Pots

     36 Choices
Ceramic Bonsai Pots


     13 Choices
Ceramic Cache Pots

Ceramic Cactus Pots

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Ceramic Cacus Pots

Specialty Pots

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Clear Plastic Saucers

Clear Plastic Saucers from rePotme Orchid Supplies

rePotme offers a wide assortment of ceramic pots for your plants, from 3" exquisitely glazed pots to 5" and 7" brilliant works of art, and large 10" glazed masterpieces that are sure to please even the most discriminating enthusiast. We also have discovered the most beautiful glazed two part African Violet Pots that are as pretty as they are functional.

You may notice that many of these pieces have a resemblance to one another (sizes, glazes, shapes, and pattern cut-outs), so you can put together your own collection of pieces that connect with each other in a variety of ways.

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6" Aqua Round African Violet Pot
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Medium Charcoal Standard Bag
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