Phalaenopsis amboinensis
Phalaenopsis amboinensis

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Ceramic Pitcher

Ceramic Pitcher
Ceramic Pitcher




Product Highlights

  • Deep Color Exterior Glaze
  • Rubber Pads Included to Protect Surfaces
  • Size: 14 inches Tall, 3 inches Wide, 3.5 inches Deep

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This pitcher is just delightful. We see it as art, as whimsical, as functional and distinguished all at once. Depending on the angle of viewing, it can look like a penguin, a work of art, a table pitcher, a person with hands on hip, or even a pot bellied cartoon character. Whatever the interpretation, we just love it. The back and squared solid handle are glazed in glossy white that flows into the top. The base is a flat unglazed terracotta that is cut by a beautiful emerald green swath of brilliance on each side and a dark and deep ocean blue down the center -- almost tuxedo like. Two of these guys facing each other, or handle to handle are just wonderful looking. Cuttings look great in it, and the varied colors and textures are just a joy to look at. 14" tall, 3" wide, 3.5" deep with a base of 3".

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