Phalaenopsis Ho's Little Amaglad

Framed Orchid Photo

Framed Orchid Photo

Orange Reed Stem Epidendrum
Numbered/Signed Print

Matte Black Wood Framed Print on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper
5x7 print in 8x10 frame


larger image

Native to the Americas and often seen in gardens throughout the southern U.S., the reed stem epidendrum is a delightful and floriferous orchid. The reed stem epidendrum is one of the few orchids that can grow in full sun and large plants are often in bloom year round.

Presented here is a numbered limited edition orchid photograph from the rePotme private collection. This photo is professionally printed off site using the finest material available. Kodak Metallic Endura paper was chosen for its unique pearlescent finish and striking three-dimensional appearance. Richly saturated colors appear to float above the elegant black background. The label on the back of this framed print contains a description of the orchid and is signed by the photographer. This original numbered photo is limited to 250 prints. Its beautiful wood frame is glass faced and includes wall mount eyelets and integrated desk stand. The print is double matted with acid-free mats and is carefully assembled by hand.

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