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3 Tray Stair Step Kit

3 Tray Stair Step Kit
3 Tray Stair Step Kit
Kit includes 2 Stair Step Stands and 3 Slim Dual Grate Humidity Trays




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Humidity Trays:

For extra humidity see the Hydro-Pump Mini and Pro Misters

We are delighted to offer the 3 Tray Stair Step Kit which comes with an easy to assemble (no tools) tiered pair of stands that perfectly elevates two of the three included Slim Dual Grate Humidi-Grow Humidity Trays. You get two sturdy stands and three black trays in this Kit and the result is a graduated stair step of three levels of trays and orchids! Use as a display and/or a way to use vertical space to get plants more light and air flow. Beautiful and functional, the Kit provides the humidity your plants need and a terrific way to display them to their fullest. The stands themselves are made of durable pressboard and the trays are the same famous Humidi-Grow trays we sell in four sizes (Slim like the 3 in this Kit, Single, Twin, and Quad).

Our professional Humidi-Grow Black Humidity Trays are heavy duty high quality essential items for healthy and happy orchids and all prized plants.

Additional Stair Step Stands are available separately.


Each of the three individual trays is:
26 inches long
6.5 inches wide
2 inches deep

Completed Stair Step Kit Dimensions:
top of tier 1 to top of tier 2 is 4 inches
top of tier 2 to top of tier 3 is 6 inches

tabletop to top of tier 2 is 6 inches
tabletop to top of tier 3 is 9 inches

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