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Instant Track Light Kits & Shades

Firefly light kit

Firefly Light Kit


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We have a limited number of the FIREFLY accent light kits in stock. Similar to our original track light kits in design and operation but with a different look, different shades, 5 incandescent bulbs (12 watt included) instead of the 3 of the original track light kits. The FIREFLY system has a built-in dimmer, plugs into a regular receptacle, and works on low voltage just like the original track light kits. Installation is a breeze, and scissors are all you will need. The kit comes with five 12 watt wedge base incandescent low-voltage bulbs, the dimmer control that is also the low voltage transformer which turns on, dims and shuts off the lights. Also included is an eight-foot power cord, plus 15 feet of flexible and paintable adhesive backed "PowerTape". Instruction are included and the whole system can be installed in about 15 minutes!

Orchid Lighting

Low Voltage Halogen Light Kit


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Our Low Voltage Halogen Light Kit can be installed on ceilings or walls up to 16 feet from an outlet, and you can also use the included adapter to power the unit from a wall sconce. If you prefer not to use the included power cord, you also have the option to power it from an existing ceiling fan or existing power box.

Kit comes fully equipped and ready to use with the following in the box:

  • Three flexible-shaft snap-on LAMPS (20-watt MR16 halogen low-voltage bulbs included)
  • Dimmer with adhesive backing contains low voltage transformer and dimmer/shut off
  • Eight-foot power cord
  • Eight feet of low-profile, bendable, paintable, adhesive-backed track
  • Eight-foot power strip with adhesive backing and snap-on clip
  • Screw-in ceiling-light or wall-sconce adapter
  • Cover to hide ceiling can opening
  • Instructions.

The track in this kit has an adhesive backing that allows you to easily install it on just about any surface, including drywall, metal, wood, brick, cinder block, soundboard, bulletin board, wallpaper, painted surfaces, cubicle fabric, and paneling. The backing is flexible, too, so you can bend it around, for example, exposed beams. The track can be cut to the desired length with an ordinary pair of scissors, as can the power cord. In other words, this kit is extremely adaptable, and can be installed just about anywhere.

Once installed, the narrow, low-profile track is barely noticeable--all your attention is drawn to the lights, which cast a bright pool of light perfect for lighting orchids!

Accessory shades are available from rePotme in two colors (blue and silver metal)

Optional Accessory Light Shades:

Orchid Lighting

Blue Light Shades

(set of three)

On Backorder

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Optional colored snap-on blue shade adds ambience. Translucent glass-like high-temperature acrylic cover instantly attaches to bulb. Provides a colored glow and reduces rearward light projection. Sold in sets of three, bulb not included.

Orchid Lighting

Metal Light Shades

(set of three)

On Backorder

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Optional matte silver colored perforated metal cover with edge ring snaps onto bulb and provides a modern flair. Rearward projection is changed yet forward light beam is unchanged. Sold in sets of three, bulb not included.