Doritis pulcherrima var alba
Doritis pulcherrima var alba

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KeikiPro - 1/2 oz Liquid

KeikiPro - 1/2 oz Liquid

KeikiPro - 1/2 oz Liquid


We are happy to offer a miraculous cloning product that is both fun and effective for "making" new orchids. Keikis are baby orchids and this formula makes it easy to create a new keiki either from the base or from a node on a bloom spike ( more typical ). The new baby will be genetically identical to the parent or source plant, and it is about the simplest way we know of to get a new baby just like the original.

Cloning for fun, or because the parent plant is failing are both great reasons to use this effective formula. We send instructions for use with each bottle and the amount you get goes a long way. Just a very small drop is required to get the process going and formation usually begins in a matter of weeks!

For more information on baby orchids, please see our care page on orchid keikis.

Information from the manufacturer:

KeikiPro is revolutionary combination of phytohormones for activating growth of dormant orchid nodes.

For direct stimulation of individual dormant nodes:
Carefully (using a toothpick or similar tool) loosen the protective bract covering the node(s) you want to treat. Apply one drop of KeikiPro to the node(s). Wait 24 hours, resume normal care and watering of your plant.

For spray applications (mixture should be used within 48 hours):
This is the preferred method of application, when not treating individual nodes. Mix KeikiPro at a rate of 2-4 drops per ounce of water. This mixture can be applied or sprayed to any part of the plant where growth can occur, ie. inflorescences, roots, stems etc. Wait 24 hours, resume normal care and watering of your plant.

Use the following guidelines for various type of growth results.

Arial keikis:
Treat nodes when blooming is complete and new growth has started.
Basal keikis:
Treat the growth stem when in active growth.
Multiple inflorescences:
Treat growth stem when spiking begins.
Branching inflorescences:
Treat nodes while buds are present or forming.
Multiple growths: (pseudo-bulb types)
Treat (spray) back bulbs or dormant back "eyes" when a new lead is currently active.

Do not refrigerate KeikiPro. The liquid concentrate has an indefinate shelf life when stored at average room temperatures. Clean up with soap and water.

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