Phalaenopsis Be Tris
Phalaenopsis Be Tris
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Phalaenopsis Gold Classic Orchid Mix

Phalaenopsis Gold Classic Orchid Mix
Note: In general, one quart of potting mix fills a six inch wide pot, two four inch pots, or half of an eight inch pot with no plant in it.

The number of plants that can be repotted depends on the size of the roots and how tightly the mix is packed into the pot.

Standard Bag

Generous stuffed resealable handle bag
(2.5 Gallons - 10 Quarts)

Junior Bag

Generous stuffed resealable handle bag
(1.25 Gallons - 5 Quarts)


Generous stuffed resealable bag (1.5 Quarts)

Small CUBE

A full 10x10x10 inch box (about 2 Standard Bags)
with 1/2 doz plant labels and 3 flower clips

Medium CUBE

A full 12x12x12 inch box (about 3 Standard bags)
with 1/2 doz plant labels and 3 flower clips

Large CUBE

A full 14x14x14 inch box (about 5 Standard Bags)
with 1/2 doz plant labels and 3 flower clips

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Orchid Mix

Phalaenopsis Gold Classic Orchid Mix is made with:

Phalaenopsis Gold Classic Orchid Mix by rePotme is ideal for Phalaenopsis, Mini Phals, Moth Orchids, "Just Add Ice Orchids", Doritaenopsis, Doritis, and Sederia. Fluffy 5 star long fiber Chilean sphagnum moss is blended with sponge rock and granite chips to produce a Classic Orchid Mix that holds moisture well, promotes strong growth and is easier to rewet than sphagnum moss alone. This Classic Orchid Mix can also be an excellent choice for weak and recovering plants.

Phalaenopsis Basics:

Blooms: Winter-Spring, can bloom year-round
Water:Likes to be damp, not soggy
Light:Low light
Temperature:Warm growing, minimum temp of 55 degrees
Fertilize:FEED ME! Weakly, weekly
Increase amount by 50% from May-September
Growth Habit: Monopodial, grows 1-3 new leaves per year. Bloom spikes emerge from the base of the 2'nd leaf node from the top, usually in early fall.
Look for:New leaves in the Summer, Spikes in the Fall, Blooms in the Winter and Spring
Taxonomy:Genus Phalaenopsis
Tribe Vandeae
Natural Cues:Phals are sensitive to the drop in temperature that comes with fall. If grown indoors the plant should be given 2 weeks of near minimal temperatures in the fall to initiate bloom spikes.
Repotting: Phalaenopsis Gold Classic Orchid Mix
Phalaenopsis Dark Classic Orchid Mix
Phal Monterey Gold Imperial Orchid Mix
Phal Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Mix
AAA Phalaenopsis Imperial Orchid Mix

What is the difference between Classic and Imperial?

We have two mix lines, Classic and Imperial. The Classics were the first mixes we made when our business was formed many years ago. They are great mixes and remain a bit less costly than the Imperial mixes which we created a few years ago. The Imperial mixes are made with some ingredients that are harder to find, tend to be more complex, and are more costly to make. For example, the Phalaenopsis Imperial mixes ( AAA, Monterey Gold and Monterey Dark ), are all made with ultra-pure New Zealand AAA Sphagnum moss and other listed ingredients. The Gold version also includes virgin cork chips from Portugal. The Dark Version contains special aged bark called Orchiata from sustainable forests in New Zealand. The Classic mixes are made with more familiar materials like coconut husk chips from Sri Lanka, Chilean Sphagnum Moss and Fir Bark ( often known as " orchid bark " ), typically from the west coast of the United States. In general, the Imperial line of mixes tends to be faster draining and drier while the Classics tend to hold more moisture.

Why do we make 5 different Phalaenopsis mixes?

We are often asked why there are so many choices, and how to choose between them, so we thought it would be helpful to explain the logic here. There are two Classic Phal mixes, Gold and Dark, and three Imperial Phal mixes, Gold, Dark and AAA.

Each of the fives mixes we make for Phalaenopsis ( sometimes known as Moth Orchids and Just Add Ice Orchids ) have unique characteristics, and each can be perfect for certain environments and applications. We ship plenty of each, and below are some of the reasons our customers choose one over another. Keep in mind that best practice is to repot orchids annually because over time mixes break down and become acidic which is not good for roots.

Moisture retention and the environment the plant is growing in are key reasons to go with one type over another. For example, the Dark mixes, both Classic and Imperial, tend to hold a bit less moisture than their Gold counterparts ( including AAA Imperial ) that contain sphagnum moss which has high water retention properties. If your plants are growing in hot and/or dry arid locations, the Gold versions will most likely be the best choice for repotting. On the other hand, if your plants are growing in wet, cool, or higher humidity areas, the Dark versions will most likely be the best choice. Orchids like to go through cyclical periods of good moisture in the mix and then experiencing mix that is starting to dry from the top. For this reason, we suggest only watering when the mix feels dry and kind of crunchy to the touch on top.

Your own watering habits and practices may also lead to your choosing one mix over another. Some of us like to water, and some of us tend to put it off. The dark mixes lend themselves to over watering and the Golds, including the AAA Imperial version are well suited to longer periods between watering. That said, we should always be checking for moisture levels about once per week.

The age of the orchids and their condition may be other factors to consider in deciding which mix to pick. For example, your younger plants with smaller root systems are often times aided by sphagnum based mixes ( the two Golds and the AAA Imperial version). We have found that plants in "sick bay" do much better in the Classic Gold and the Imperial AAA mixes because the high concentration of sphagnum moss in both provides an especially nurturing environment to stressed plants and roots.

Fast forward one year and our species Phal Amabilis has enjoyed a good growth season in our Phalaenopsis Gold Classic Orchid Mix. Looking good in one of our ceramic cachepots!

Quality and Value from rePotme

We've all heard the old adage that you get what you pay for. We know it is true with the clothes we buy, the tires we put on our cars, the food we buy, and so many other things we get. It is just as true with the mix and media we buy for our prized plants. Yes, it is possible to pay less, but you will get what you paid for and the result can be plants that show it! Our mixes give you an edge. Your plants can thrive and you can be confident that you have given them every chance to be their best. Why settle for less?

Why are rePotme mixes superior?

We carry more potting mixes and media than anyone, and along the way we've focused on quality of ingredients, freshness, and value for our great customers. All of our mixes are made by hand, the old fashioned way. This means that we inspect what goes in and we gently create perfect fresh blends that promote healthy and happy plants. Other mixes and medias can even have bugs and larvae in them when you bring them home. Our mixes come in clear bags so you can see what you get. Clean, fresh, just made and personally inspected for quality. Why settle for less?

What about quantity?

It can be a real challenge to sort out competing sizes when shopping for mixes. Some places tell you the weight, some the dimensions, but few tell you by quart size what you will get in the container. We tell you that one quart of potting mix fills a six inch wide pot, two four inch pots, or half of an eight inch pot with no plant in it. The number of plants that can be repotted depends on the size of the roots and how tightly the mix is packed into the pot. Our customers know that they get a stuffed container and it is usually surprising how much mix you get for the money. Good value and a fair deal from rePotme. That is what we strive to deliver with each and every order.

What about choices and sizes?

RePotme offers mixes for just about every plant by name, and we offer more medias in more size choices than anywhere else. We offer containers from our smallest MINI bag, all the way up to our giant CUBE sizes which holds many times that much. We pioneered the Make Your Own Select-A-Blend make your own mix concept where you tell us what you would like in your mix and we custom blend exactly what you want and ship it the same day.

How long does the mix last?

Here again, rePotme delivers the goods! When buying orchids, it is always wise to inspect the mix and the pot that the plant is in. Many times, the mix is old and the plant is climbing out of the pot. Sometimes the pot isn't great either, offering little or no drainage. Repotting your new plants in our fresh mix and new pots is smart, and you would like to do so soon after getting them. Once the bloom is done, give the plant a breath of fresh air ( new mix promotes oxygen movement around the root zone ), and put it in a proper sized orchid pot that offers great drainage, and one that promotes air flow. Our exclusive Oxygen Core Dual™ Pots do exactly that. Mixes eventually break down, and one should expect to repot every year or two to keep the plants root zone healthy. Our mixes can be expected to hold up extremely well because they are fresh and clean to begin with and because they are gently handled and packaged all along the way.

What do you mean by fresh?

Other outfits make their mixes with machines, and materials go in a hopper which often breaks down the media. If it was clean to begin with, by the time it is mixed and bagged ( by machines ), it can be dried out, crushed and dust laden. These "brand X" mixes then sit around on shelves, in storage buildings and trucks which further dries them out and the handling of the bags can further break down the ingredients into ever smaller particles and dust. Here at rePotme, our mix ingredients are washed, inspected and blended with care by people who know what they are looking at. Every mix is hand crafted and every bag is filled by hand. Often times the mix you receive was just made by us and you can tell because the media is still moist and has the look and feel that makes it obvious.

Why do some mixes require "soaking"?

Other mixes need to be soaked for hours because they are all dried out to begin with and they have been sitting around for months or even seasons! Compare a bag of our fresh mix to one of those and you will see the difference right away. Stiff, dusty, shriveled, and hard is the norm. That's why they tell you to soak overnight. Our mixes are ready to use when you get them, and the only thing we suggest is to uniformly moisten for immediate use.

Beware of Box Store Mixes

Be on guard for store mixes that simply describe the contents as "Orchid Bark". The Box stores have little bags lined up on the shelves with pretty flowers on the bag so you can't see the contents. Is it good for your orchids? Do you really know what is in that pretty store bought bag and might that explain why it is so cheap? It might be primarily fir bark which we know is cooked at very high temperatures by regulation and that certainly doesn't "freshen" it. Heat treating bark makes it brittle and dusty. Fir bark can and usually does irritate skin by creating tiny splinters that contact unprotected skin.

We carry wonderful alternatives to store bought "Orchid Bark" that are fresh, great for your fine plants and that don't irritate your skin and are not full of dust and fines. These include sustainable harvested media like Orchiata Monterey Pine bark, Coconut Husk, Redwood chips and bark, Sphagnum mosses and plenty of other wonderful medias in our mixes and that are available individually. In fact, has more media and mix choices than anyone. All of our mixes and medias come in perfectly clear resealable bags so you can see exactly what you are getting. Each of our mixes list every media in them. Don't be tricked by pretty little bags at your local box store!

You may also want to consider our Imperial Orchid Mix line of Orchid Mixes. Please see our guide to finding the right orchid mix for your orchid. If you are unsure which orchid mix is right for your plants, feel free to contact us.

Classic Orchid Mixes, Imperial Orchid Mixes, Select-A-Blend, or individual orchid media, whichever is best for you and your unique growing requirements, rePotme delivers the goods!

We make our mixes the old fashioned way -- no "secret ingredients", just the highest quality and finest media that can be had, and we tell you exactly what goes in to every one of our mixes. Would you have it any other way?

That's the way we do business too, no surprises, just impeccable service, lightning fast responsiveness and checking back with you on every order to make sure you are delighted with what you received. We treat you the same way we want to be treated. We treat your plants the same way, as we treat our own.

Our clear orchid pots help make it easier to monitor moisture content and our Feed Me! MSU formula orchid fertilizer is perfect for this type of Orchid Mix.

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