Paph primulinum x phillippine
Paph primulinum x phillippine

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Potting Mixes for Orchids, Bonsai, African Violets and Tropicals

We have assembled some of the greatest potting mixes to meet all your growing needs. Our signature potting mixes are hand made in small batches from top quality ingredients. is the place smart growers come, because we deliver the goods!

Phalaenopsis | Cattleya | Dendrobium | Oncidium | Paphiopedium | Cymbidium | Terrestrial
All Purpose Orchid | Miniature | Make Your Own | African Violets | Houseplants | Bonsai

Mixes for Phalaenopsis Orchids

These potting mixes are an excellent choice for Phalaenopsis Orchids (also known as Moth Orchids or "Just Add Ice Orchids") as well as Doritaenopsis, Doritis, Neofinetia, and Sederia. Each of the mixes we make for Phalaenopsis have unique characteristics, and one is certain to be perfect for your unique growing environment.


All Purpose Mixes for Any Orchid

All Purpose Orchid Mixes by rePotme are an excellent choice for a wide variety of orchids. These extraordinary blends are designed to promote healthy strong roots with great drainage and a chunky open structure.


Mixes for Cattleya Orchids

These free-draining mixes with medium to large particle sizes are specifically blended for orchids such as Cattleya, Laelia, Potinara, Coelogyne, and Stanhopea.


Mixes for Dendrobium Orchids

These mixes contain lava rock for just the right blend of moisture and drainage making them an excellent choice for Dendrobium, Brassavola and Angraecum.


Mixes for Oncidum and Intergeneric Orchids

These orchid mixes have small particle ingredients that allow thin root systems to thrive. These mixes are an excellent choice for a variety of fine rooted orchid plants such as Brassia, Brassidium, Bulbophyllum, Burrageara, Catasetum, Cochlioda, Cynoches, Epidendrum, Encyclia, Lycaste, Masdevallia, Maxillaria, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Oncidium, Odontoglossum and Oncidium Intergenerics.


Mixes for Paphiopedium Orchids

These orchid mixes offer just the right blend of extraordinary ingredients for Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Psychopsis and Sarcochilus.


Mixes for Cymbidium Orchids

These mixes are specially made for Cymbidiums, Zygopetalums, Aganax, and Zygonisia. These terrestrial orchids like a free draining mix that is slightly acidic. These are mixes that hold moisture while being very open and airy.


Mixes for Miniature and Seedling Orchids

These mixes are specifically blended for minature orchids and seedlings including Minature Phalaenopsis. The extra small particle ingredients in these mixes allow delicate root systems to thrive.


Mixes for Terrestrial Orchids

These mixes are well suited for terrestrial orchids and tropical houseplants. These mixes are ideal for smaller terrestrial orchids and terrestrial orchid seedlings such as Ludisia (Jewel Orchid), Phaius (Nun Orchid), Spathoglottis, Reed Stem Epidendrum, Epiphyllum ('Cactus' Orchid), Caladenia, Arudina (Bamboo Orchid), Pleione, Nervillia and the Vanilla Orchid.


Make Your Own Custom Potting Mix

Unlike anywhere else, created this self scoop order menu for you to pick precisely what you want and how much of each medium you need. We take your specific requirements, hand scoop what you want and gently mix your unique blend and package it for prompt delivery to your door.

Orchid Potting Mix - Select-A-Blend Select-A-Blend:

We will custom blend a potting mix with precisely the media you select.

Mixes for African Violets and other Gesneriads

Our small-batch hand made potting mixes for African Violets have a quality you can't find anywhere else.


Mixes for Exotic Plants, Seedlings, Herbs, Houseplants, & More

Our small-batch hand made signature potting mixes have a quality you can't find anywhere else. We offer this wide assortment of potting mixes for Houseplants, cacti, succulents, tropicals, carnivorous plants, container gardens, herbs, seed starting, indoor gardening, exotic plants, and more!


Potting Mixes for Bonsai

These fresh made small batch Bonsai mixes are an excellent blend of ingredients designed for great drainage, excellent oxygen circulation, stable PH and nice durability.


One mix doesn't have to fit all, and our experience has taught us that orchids and other fine plants are each as unique as the environment they are growing in. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality orchid mixes for your environment and growing conditions.

We use old fashioned hand blending to create all of our mixes which treats the medium gently and protects the unique qualities and characteristics of each ingredient. Our mixes are hand mixed and packaged just hours or days before you order them which ensures you get fresh mix for your plants. Once you see for yourself the difference a fresh mix from the highest quality ingredients makes compared to store brands you won't ever want to go back to those inferior mixes again.

All of our potting mixes are available in convenient resealable bags. For customers needing larger quantities we offer CUBES which hold multiple bags worth of Orchid Mix. Our smallest size, the MINI Bag, holds over one quart of mix.

Big Box of Orchid Potting Mix

The CUBE is available with any of our rePotme Potting Mixes (except Inorganic). Available in three different sizes from the Small at about 2 bags to the Large at about 5 standard bags of Potting Mix. Each CUBE includes 1/2 doz plant labels and 1 each of butterfly, bumblebee and dragonfly clips. If purchased separately, this quantity of Orchid Mix would cost substantially more. Cube and liner can easily be closed for use at a later time.

Classic Orchid MixPlease see our guide to finding the right orchid mix for your orchid. If there is something your prized plants require that we do not offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We use fresh media in our mixes, and the preparation of certain media requires rinsing, washing, filtering and cleaning. Because we ship large quantities of mixes and orders, the mix you get was probably just made. That is good news for you and your plants! Unlike other places you can get mix, ours hasn't been sitting on some shelf somewhere for months (or longer), drying out and getting stale. We still always recommend rinsing your mix before using because that insures good consistency of moisture and texture, but when you order from rePotme, you can rest assured that what you get has already been prepared under watchful eyes and conditions, and that it is fresh. If you do not use all of your mix right away, we suggest storing it in a way that will allow any moisture to escape.

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