Dendrobium Bill Takamatsu
Dendrobium Bill Takamatsu

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8" Green Bulb Pan

8" Green Bulb Pan

8" Green Bulb Pan

On Backorder

Clear Bulb Pan

Note: Pot sizes are measured across the top of the pot.

Other sizes of Bulb Pans: 5" Green, 6" Green and 8" Clear

Orchid Mix

Our 8" Green Bulb Pan has 4 drainage holes and a sturdy strong structure to it. Made with a nice wide rim at the top for holding and transporting.

Green plastic pots are perfect for terrestrial orchids, bonsai, carnivorous plants, succulents, tropicals, cactus, and more!

8 inches top diameter
6 inches bottom diameter
3.875 inches tall

Did you remember Plastic Saucers?

We also carry Green Plastic Pots in: 5", 6.5", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", and a Growers Assortment

User Reviews of our Products

Hello rePotme.

I have received my new Carousel Orchid Pot and Saucer in Orange Amber. I love it!! I would like to let you know that before I opened the wrapping to each piece (wrapped separately for those who may read this), rePotme won me over. Not only did I receive it within the expected time frame, your method and precise detail to packing it impressed me the most. It may not seem important to some, but I really appreciated it and it showed to me that you truly care about your products and to providing quality customer service. Thank you. PS. The butterfly clip is so adorable. Your magnetic business card is now on my magnet board. Can not wait to repot my beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid into the Carousel. You have a very happy and satisfied new customer.

Noemia W. --- Fredericksburg, VA

"My husband recently purchased several pots, cork mounts and other supplies for my birthday. I am delighted with all, especially the orchid pots! I have just spent 2 hours looking through your website and taking notes to share with orchid club members. I LOVE your site, products, prices, and information - I will definitely refer you to others and you can count me as a very happy new customer! Thanks so much!"

Dale M. ---- Stafford Springs, CT

Order arrived yesterday. Great Product! Very Quick Shipping! Great Customer Service! In my opinion, there's nowhere else to buy orchid supplies except from

Eric Y, Piscataway, NJ

To my unseen friends at

Wow! As a brand new orchid grower (I adopted 3 [an oncidium, a phalaenopsis, and a cattleya] from someone who swore she kills everything she touches), I was daunted by the complexity of orchid care. Then I found your website and your products, which made me feel that it was possible for someone completely ignorant about orchids to succeed. And now... this incredible newsletter arrives, telling me what changes occur in each month, and what needs to be done to maximize the flowering and growth potential of these amazing plants.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart! I'm your customer for life.

Teri T. ---- Silver City, NM

Ahhh! I have my package now. Beautiful stuff, lovely packaging- everthing so nice. A lady named Ruth gave me (free) two additional rhyzome chips she thought would work better than the ones I had ordered. Whoever heard of that courtesy and customer service? Outstanding!

Erin R. ---- Loveland, OH

Dear rePotme,

Your Oxygen Core Dual Pots are amazing. I've been using them for about 18 months now and have had extordinary results. I first used them on a phal seedling. I had two that were identical. Within a few months the plant in the oxygen core pot had several healthy new roots and the plant had doubled in size compared to the plant in the plastic orchid pot. I then tried them on 2 miltonias with identical results. The miltonia in that pot has been blooming for nearly a month now and according to the grower I purchased both plants from, shouldn't have bloomed for another 6 kidding! I'm also using those oxygen pots for my paph sanderianums which I haven't done well with in the past, but after repoting them in the oxygen core pot they are thriving. All of your products are exceptional but these pots set a new standard...they help me grow a healthier plant that matures and blooms faster and can't be over-watered. Thanks for your great products and insights.

Shayne D. --- Edwards, CO

Hey guys, I am very pleased with my order ( Paph and Phrag Classic Orchid Mix and various clear pots ) and have started repotting. I can't wait to see how they grow. Thanks so much, I'll be ordering from again soon.

Jay S. ---- Dunedin, FL

The pots and plant labels arrived today and they look great, thanks for your prompt and efficient service!

Stephanie F. ---- Washington, D.C.

Q: What should I do when roots come through openings in the pot (Net, Slotted, Oxygen Core etc.)?

A: Orchids are notorious for sending roots every different which way. That's not so surprising since orchids growing in the wild are free to extend their roots in search of moisture, food, support and light. There are a few schools of thought on how best to deal with adventurous roots. For example, with Net pots one can snip away the pot if needed when the time comes, and another is to move the plant up to the next size before the roots get too established working through the net material. Slotted pots can be similarly cut or snipped away from roots when the time comes to repot or it is necessary to move the plant up or out of its existing container.

Oxygen Core Dual Pots create a very favorable growing environment and root growth is likely to be quite vigorous soon after potting in them. One can use the inner pot until the roots start to expand and then remove the plant from it and place it back into the outer shell (kind of like taking training wheels off a child's bike).

Vigorous healthy root growth is a good thing, and supports an overall happy and healthy orchid that will produce strong leaves and beautiful flowers. Managing the repotting process so plants are able to develop a strong and expanding root zone is an important part of the equation.

For more information see our orchid repotting information.

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