Tolumnia Lei Lei
Tolumnia Lei Lei
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8" Green Bulb Pan

8" Green Bulb Pan

8" Green Bulb Pan


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Clear Bulb Pan

Note: Pot sizes are measured across the top of the pot.

Other sizes of Bulb Pans: 5" Green, 6" Green and 8" Clear

Orchid Mix

Our 8" Green Bulb Pan has 4 drainage holes and a sturdy strong structure to it. Made with a nice wide rim at the top for holding and transporting.

Green plastic pots are perfect for terrestrial orchids, bonsai, carnivorous plants, succulents, tropicals, cactus, and more!

8 inches top diameter
6 inches bottom diameter
3.875 inches tall

Did you remember Clear Plastic Saucers?

We also carry Green Plastic Pots in: 5", 6.5", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", and a Growers Assortment

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