Phalaenopsis Cameo
Phalaenopsis Cameo

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8" Heavy Duty Black Plastic Saucer

8" Heavy Duty Black Plastic Saucer

8" Heavy Duty Black Plastic Saucer


8" Heavy Duty Black Plastic Saucer - 6 Pack


Don't forget fresh potting mix!

Bottom of heavy duty clear plastic saucer The rePotme Heavy Duty Crystal Clear Saucers are our most durable line of saucers. These heavy duty saucers are designed to support even the heaviest of potted plants, while simultaneously allowing for better drainage as well. Perfect for plastic, clay and ceramic pots to protect surfaces and to retain water underneath the pot for added humidity. Can be used with our cork mat coasters to protect furniture. They are Made in the USA and are fully recyclable too!

8 inches top
7 inches bottom
1.25 inches deep

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When deciding which saucer would be the best fit for a particular pot, it is usually best to pick a size larger than the pot diameter because you would like to allow ample room for drainage. The capacity of the saucer to hold more water is directly related to the size of the saucer. Most pots taper down to the base, so a 6" pot will be somewhat smaller at the base and it will fit into a 6" saucer. If you want more water holding capacity, we would suggest an 8" saucer. Another example is the 4.25" Crystal Clear pot and the Oxygen Core Dual pot which will not fit into a 4" saucer. They need to go into a 6" saucer to fit properly.

If you need help figuring out which size saucer would be best for a particular pot, let us know and we will be happy to help. Another option is to forget the saucers completely and set the pot directly on one of our humidity trays which are available in 3 sizes, from small to large. Either way, excess water will be collected, protecting surfaces and providing extra humidity.

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