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Clear Plastic Container - 8 oz

Clear Plastic Container - 8 oz

Clear Plastic Container - 8 oz


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We have assembled a nice variety of clear plastic containers with lids which we use in the Greenhouse, around the house, in the garage. Many of these are also used with products we sell and they are perfect for a variety of applications, from seeds to mix, dry goods to parts and even liquids.

Our Clear Round Wide Mouth Plastic Jars feature a sturdy airtight screw top lid and the jar itself is made from durable crystal clear polystyrene. Each of these jars meet FDA standards.

Available in the following liquid measure sizes including lids:

  • 2 oz with 1 3/4" opening
  • 4 oz with 2" opening
  • 8 oz with 3 1/4" opening
  • 16 oz with 3 1/4" opening
  • 32 oz with 4 3/8" opening

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