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Plastic Plant Stake Rings

Plastic Plant Stake Rings

Plastic Plant Ring - 6 inch


Plastic Plant Ring - 8 inch


Plastic Plant Ring - 10 inch


Plastic Plant Ring - 12 inch


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Reed Stem Epidendrum These clever green rings are the best we have seen for supporting and shaping plants. Each ring is feather light plastic and has built in eyelets for infinite vertical adjustment by sliding the ring up or down your bamboo or hardwood stakes. One spot on each ring has an extra eyelet designed so you can cut the ring at that spot and tighten the ring as needed. Again, the stake serves to hold the adjusted diameter of the ring and also the height wherever you want it. You don't have to worry about any clips adhering to various pots as the ring gets its support from stakes. Available in 3 sizes for large, medium and small plants. We have one on a Reed Stem Epidendrum that likes to get unruly (see picture). We like that the color blends into the plant and they are so adjustable and yet simple to use.

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