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Disposable Scalpel

Disposable Scalpel

Disposable Scalpel

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Have you ever thought handling a single razor blade in your fingers for cutting plant material is dangerous and cumbersome? Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of sharp tool on a precision handle like a surgeon uses? What if it came with a protective plastic blade guard and the whole thing was disposable when dull? Imagine now being able to simply place the blade in a Physan 20 solution to disinfect and then simply taking it out like a barber does a comb and having it ready to use! Try doing that with those old single razor blades we have all used. Comes with a protective plastic cover for when it is not in use.

We are delighted to offer these high quality disposable scalpels now. Use them for cutting leaves, roots, inflorescences, spikes, dead plant material, any job that requires a clean sharp cut and especially those that require working in tight quarters. These are perfect adjuncts to our retractable scalpels and ultra sharp Fiskars snips for your tool collection!

When they wear out, grab a fresh one, we like to keep a few on hand and in solution. The blade is stainless surgical quality steel so rust is not an issue.

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