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Tree Fern Totems

Tree Fern Totems

18" Tree Fern Totem


24" Tree Fern Totem


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These tree fern totems are great additions to your options for mounting orchids.
Ours are 2" wide, 2" thick and 18" tall, not the thinner versions found elsewhere. We like them for oncidiums and other orchids that like climbing, as they do in trees. The totem is either hung or attached to a surface with wire or other material. It can also be placed into a well weighted pot like our beautiful ceramic orchid pots. Simply anchor the totem in the pot and position the orchid touching the totem. Any of our heavy stone media can be used as a base in the pot, with or without a top layer of mix or media. You can also use a temporary attachment like our
6" paper ties to "connect" the orchid to the totem. The orchid will work its roots into the tree fern material and think it is back home in the wild.

Tree fern is a terrific source of media: we carry medium and small fiber, mounts (we carry 6x6" and 10x10") and these great totems.

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