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Wilsonara Lisa Devos

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Two Tier Hanger System

Two Tier Hanger System

Two Tier Hanger System

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Here is an ingenious two tier plant hanging system. You get two heavy duty but lightweight aluminum hangers with a simple and clever hook and eyelet connection built in to the system. Each hanger is 21" long and designed to easily support two pots, one above the other. Each hanger has its own circular base to support just about any vanda basket or pot with a drain hole (preferably centered). Use them individually or as designed together to hang from porches, ceilings, railings, trees, however you like.

We especially like them for hanging vanda baskets because the basket can also serve as an ideal platform for holding multiple potted plants! Our 10" vanda basket easily holds four of our 4" pots and the whole thing is then suspended by the hanger. The traditional 4 wire hanger is eliminated in this application for a much more open and accessible platform for watering and moving pots in and out. You can hang different sized baskets (say a 10" and a 6") for a wonderful tiered look, and hanging from a door frame in a bathroom, breezeway, bedroom, office, or hook in the kitchen is a cinch!

With a nice solid "stake" as the core part of the system, orchid spikes and inflorescences are easily supported without having to add additional hardware. Also works great with cork tubes!

Please see our vanda baskets and plastic pots that are 4" and less for an ideal application to go along with your system. Saves surface space by allowing multiple plants to be vertically displayed in locations wherever you choose and allows for moving the display as the mood, temperature, sun or airflow requires.

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