Phalaenopsis violacea
Phalaenopsis violacea
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Orchid Starter Kits

Orchid Starter Kits more starter kits

A convenient way to order the basic supplies you need to take care of your orchid.

Flower Clips

Orchid Flower Clips from rePotme Orchid Supplies more flower clips

Cute yet practical flower clips shaped like bumblebees, dragonflies, and butterflies.

Plant Labels

Orchid Mounts and orchid supplies from plant labels

Plant Labels for organization.

Orchid Supports

Orchid Supports and orchid supplies from more orchid supports

Orchid supports including rhizome clips, bamboo, stakes, wire, twist ties, phal hooks,
single pot hangers, double pot hangers, and S hooks.

Net Baskets

Net Baskets from rePotme Orchid Supplies more net baskets

Net baskets in 4", 6", 8", 10", and a Growers Assortment

Vanda Baskets

Vanda Baskets from rePotme Orchid Supplies more vanda baskets

Vanda baskets in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", and basket hangers.

Orchid Mounts

Orchid Mounts from rePotme Orchid Supplies more orchid mounts

Orchid mounts made of cork slabs, wood slats, tree fern slabs, and tree fern totems

Cork Tubes

Cork Tubes from rePotme Orchid Supplies more cork tubes

Virgin Cork Tubes from Portugal including branches, tubes, and trunks.

Repotting Tools

Repotting Helpers from rePotme Orchid Supplies more repotting tools

Repotting Tools including scoops, Fiskars snips, white or brown gloves.

Clear Plastic Saucers

Clear Plastic Saucers from rePotme Orchid Supplies more clear plastic saucers

Crystal Clear Plastic Saucers in 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12", and a Mixed Set
Deep Clear Plastic Saucers in 5", 8", 12", and a Mixed Set

Cork Mats

Cork Mats from rePotme Orchid Supplies more cork mats

Cork Mats in 6", 8", 10", and a Mixed Set

Clear Plastic Containers

Clear Plastic Jars from rePotme Orchid Supplies more clear plastic containers

Clear Plastic Containers in 2oz, 4oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and a 16 oz Tub

Orchid Pots

orchid pots more orchid pots

Plastic Orchid Pots - Large variety of shapes and sizes

Orchid Mix

orchid mix more orchid mixes

Orchid Mixes - Fresh small batch Classic and Imperial mixes

Orchid supplies from We carry a variety of orchid supplies to make growing and repotting your prized plants as easy and as rewarding as possible. Our orchid supplies are offered with the same care and quality as our giant line of orchid mixes, orchid media and orchid pots. Orchid supplies are a critical part of orchid care because orchid mounts, orchid stakes, flower hooks, scoops, gloves and other orchid supply items are used to care for and display orchids most effectively.

We offer orchid flower clips in three styles and multiple colors to make your orchids really display beautifully. We offer orchid media scoops to help you put your classic orchid media where it needs to be, in the orchid pot. We carry 2 kinds of gloves to protect your hands when working with orchid media and repotting your orchids. Plant Labels designed for the orchid enthusiast by rePotme Orchid Supplies are also very popular. Our orchid mounts are available in cork (2 sizes), wood slat, and even tree fern pieces. Our Vanda Baskets are available in three sizes and you will find orchid stakes in a variety of sizes with protective rubber tips. Nice long hangers are available for hanging any of our vanda baskets. Orchid wire (green) is also available in a thinner size than our strong orchid stakes that are also green in color and in a variety of lengths. Phal hooks are made from the same gauge as our metal stakes and you will find two sizes available. Rhizome clips are orderable in 6 types for plastic and clay pots with a variety of sizes available.

Here at Repotme Orchid Supplies, we make the care of orchids a priority and a fun experience. We carry what you need and what works for us in caring for our own orchids.

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