Oncidium Sharry Baby
Oncidium Sharry Baby

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Hydro-Pump Mini Mister

Hydro-Pump Mini Mister

Hydro-Pump Mini Mister

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Every once in a while a product comes along that just makes you happy to use. Our Hydro-Pump Misters are bound to put a smile on your face every time you use them. Your plants will be smiling too. Both the Hydro-Pump Mini Mister and the Hydro-Pump Pro Mister use the same technology and sophisticated spray heads to deliver an ultra fine mist that is like a fog of humidity for your plant leaves and those hard to water orchid roots. The fun starts when you pump the integrated handle a few times and then twist the valve to open. These little machines deliver a long and continuous mist that allows you to cover a whole collection of plants without reloading water or even pumping again until you are ready for the next charge of pressure. Just press the pump a few times and you are ready to go!

They are both such fun to use, you will look forward to the next time you use them and of course, that is the best news of all for your prized plants which will love the boost in humidity. Leaves instantly look darker and richer, roots glisten with moisture, bugs are discouraged and you can feel great about the good you are doing for your plants. What will amaze you is the density and volume of fog these wonderful devices produce. You won't "pump per spray" with these, it is almost like they are electric, but in fact it is all about air pressure. No batteries, no wires just good old fashioned people power and modern technology.

Both come with flexible hoses to extend out over your collection and to reach difficult spots, both come with convenient hands-free carriers and both come with easy to use valves to turn the fog/mist on and off. The main difference is that the Mini holds 10 ounces of water and the Pro holds 16 ounces. Both are feather light and an absolute joy to use. You might find yourself laughing each time you use one. It's just plain fun!

A side benefit for us orchid growers is that they are both also personal misters, meaning that they are great to take on a walk, to the beach, when hiking or at sports events. They actually cool the air and your skin on a hot day when used as a mini air conditioner. They can cool the air by as much as 30 degrees just with a turn of the valve. When was the last time you took a garden tool with you to a sporting event or the beach? You will want to do just that with these. Keep one at home and get another for the road. We love these and think you will too.

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