Phalaenopsis Summer Beach
Phalaenopsis Summer Beach

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Redhead 1000 Waterbreaker

Redhead 1000 Waterbreaker

Redhead 1000 Waterbreaker


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Redhead Water Breaker with Thumb Valve

We are pleased to offer the latest waterbreaker from Dramm Corporation, called Redhead. We have been looking for the perfect spray tool and think this one fits the bill for a precise gentle flow. Made by the folks we think are the best of the best in what they do, this commercial grade waterbreaker has over 1,000 micro holes that create an ultra soft flower shower which will not disturb delicate soil or harm tender plants. Made in the USA from ABS plastic and stainless steel.

Perfect for use with the Dramm Thumb Valve.

Fits a standard garden hose.

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