Dendrobium bracteosum
Dendrobium bracteosum

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Touch N Flow Valve

Touch N Flow Valve

Touch N Flow Valve


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Fogg-It Water Breaker with Trigger Valve

Reach for the comfort of the newest Dramm Pro Valve and rest assured you will have a flow device that will outlast most trigger valves out there. It has been durability tested by Dramm and shown to hold up with the finest brass and aluminum models they make. It allows for a flow of 11 gallons per minute @40psi and couldn't be easier to operate. Works perfectly with our Dramm water breaker nozzles and attaches directly to any standard 3/4" garden hose.

Ideal for use with the Fogg-It Nozzle and Dramm Lemmonhead Water Breaker.

Touch N Flow features

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