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Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow Sticky Traps

3 Yellow Sticky Traps + 1 Wire Stand


7 Yellow Sticky Traps + 2 Wire Stands


25 Yellow Sticky Traps + 5 Wire Stands


7 Yellow Sticky Traps


25 Yellow Sticky Traps


Sticky Trap Wire Stand


10 Sticky Trap Wire Stands


All natural, non-toxic, simple yet effective pest control for fungus gnats, aphids, thrips and more. Flying insects are attracted to the color yellow and get stuck on the ultra sticky surface of these traps. Use them vertically with the included wire stand or horizontally along the pot edge. No odor, no chemicals, double sided 3x5 inch adhesive yellow cards.

To use, peel off the protective covering on both sides of the sticky yellow card. The card should be placed on the stake such that the bottom of the card is just above the top of the plants. If the sticky stuff gets on your hands it comes off with waterless cleanser or oil.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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