Sun Lift Adjustable Hangers - One Pair

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Sun Lift Adjustable Hangers - One Pair

Sun Lift Adjustable Hangers - One Pair



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Product Highlights

  • The Adjustable Hangers Can be Raised and Lowered
  • Great at Adjusting for a Growing Plant
  • Four Foot Cord Length

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orchid grow light hangers

Sun Lift Adjustable Hangers allow the Sun System grow light to be raised and lowered. This pair of tension adjustable hangers allow for raising the Sun System out of the way when working on your plants while also allowing for the incremental raising of the system as plants grow taller. Simply lift the grow light or press it down from the top and the unit floats up or down on the built in lines attached to and supporting your unit from above.

Sun Lift™ is a grow light suspension system which allows height adjustment in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the grow light in place once it is set at the desired height. Finally a simple way to raise a light as plants grow.

Cord length 4 feet

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