Paphiopedilum Mem. Galen Fox
Paphiopedilum Mem. Galen Fox

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Weathered Wood Bird House

Weathered Wood Bird House

Weathered Wood Bird House

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These hand crafted bird houses are made from weathered wood and will make a cozy and charming location for a happy bird family near you. The sturdy thick cut nail perch at the entrance and the "aged barn" wood construction makes us think of chilly New England in Fall and Winter with a wisp of smoke from a fireplace in the air. Quite roomy for the lucky family that moves in, these charming houses will blend right in to the branches of a tree, the backdrop of the woods, or will look great on the railing of a deck. They also can be used as decorative pieces in a greenhouse, in a garden or anywhere in the home that you would like a woodsy natural accent piece.

9 inches tall x 5 inches wide x 7 inches deep

Opening: 1 in diameter. If you need a larger opening, it would be quite easy to bore it larger with a drill bit.

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