Throw and Grow Slow Release Fertilizer

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Throw and Grow Slow Release Fertilizer

Throw and Grow Slow Release Fertilizer - 16 ounce tub
Includes measuring spoon.


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We often get requests for a slow release fertilizer for bonsai and house plants that can be used during vacations or other times during the year when regular weekly feeding isn't possible. While we all know that regular feeding with FEED ME! MSU is the ideal way to nourish plants completely ("weakly weekly"), we are pleased to offer Throw & Grow Time Release Plant Food for situations that require less involvement.

Available in two sizes, both with measuring spoons and instructions, Throw & Grow is a 23-4-8 fertilizer designed to be sprinkled evenly around the plant at the pot rim. Each time the plant is watered, a small amount of food will be washed into the mix. Use at the rate of 1/2 teaspoon for a 3" to 4" pot for continuous feeding.

The tub is the larger size and weighs 1 pound. Also available in a 6 ounce sealed bag for small applications and situations where you will be away for a period of time and unable to apply regular FEED ME! MSU applications weekly. Simple, Gentle and Easy!

Throw & Grow- Time release plant food provides effective, quick, and long term results. Easy to use, no mixing or cleaning up, just use it as it is and your plants will receive gentle and continuous feeding every time you water!

It is ideal for bonsai, roses, hostas, ferns, azaleas, and any other house plant you may have. Just throw it on and watch it grow!

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