Organic 50/50 Mix - Imperial Bonsai Soil

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Organic 50/50 Mix - Imperial Bonsai Soil

Organic 50/50 Mix - Imperial Bonsai Soil - MINI Bag
Generous stuffed resealable handle bag (1.5 Quarts)


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Product Highlights

  • Multi-Purpose Blend, Half Organic and Half Inorganic Material
  • Hand-Blended Daily to Ensure Freshness
  • Provides Fantastic Drainage and Incredible Results
  • Gives Excellent Oxygen Circulation
  • In General, One Quart of Potting Mix Fills a Six Inch Wide Pot, Two Four Inch Pots, or Half of an Eight Inch Pot With No Plant in it.

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Organic 50/50 Bonsai Soil Mix is made with:

This fresh made 50/50 small batch Bonsai mix is another one of our excellent multi-purpose blends designed for great drainage, excellent oxygen circulation, stable PH and nice durability. Half organic and half inorganic, each of the elements play a unique role in making this mix special. The pine is an aged pinus radiata imported from New Zealand. It can be worked into bits and pieces of varying sizes with nice moisture holding characteristics. The granite comes from America and is also known as poultry grit which naturally contains silica known for helping in strong root development. Small Stalite is an all natural medium mined in the U.S. from volcanic slate which is then rotary kiln fired at over 2000 degrees. The material is then made into sterile granules that are extremely porous and PH neutral. It is much like a sponge that has been turned to stone that can hold moisture and oxygen but doesn't become saturated. The result of bringing these unique media together is a terrific all-purpose Bonsai mix that lasts, that promotes great drainage and aeration, that looks as good as it works and that won't compact.

Small particle sizes can be further screened as needed per specific requirements.

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