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Watering Tools

Our watering product offerings are based on our personal use and your need for practical economical tools. We have put together a group of products that are light, functional, attractive and efficient.

Saucers and Mats

Watering CansCapacity is important to make mixing our FEED ME! MSU a breeze (1 oz per gallon of the liquid) so two of the cans are 1 gallon and the smaller one is 1 quart for smaller jobs. The all brass Haws mister is amazing because it is diminutive in size but packs a serious fine spray that is directed, wide and of long duration per push of the pump. The big daddy Haws can is unparalleled in pedigree and performance with several free attachments like an all brass "rose" (or rain head) which is detachable. Unlike cheaper straight spouts that are trouble when watering pots, this one comes with a curved stiff hose attachment and also a right angle watering snout that is another extra free attachment.

Practical, smart, beautiful and long lasting products that are all easy to use and effective. The lower priced cans come in a variety of colors, the Haws Mister is beautiful polished brass and comes in a gift box. The Haws watering can with free attachments comes in classic British Racing Green and Ruby Red and is designed to be around for a very long time.

Whichever choices you make, you will be as pleased as your prized plants when watering and misting!

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