Burrageara Living Fire 'Glowing Ember'
Burrageara Living Fire 'Glowing Ember'

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10" Copper Round Diamond African Violet Pot

10" Copper Round Diamond African Violet Pot

10" Copper Round Diamond African Violet Pot

with 7 inch inner pot
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All 10" Round Diamond African Violet Pots:

The 10" Copper Round Diamond African Violet Pot has a jewel like finish with an actual raised diamond cutout texture. This texture allows for light to play on the design making the pot especially interesting and beautiful. The shape of the pot is perfectly proportioned and includes an inner unglazed pot which lifts out for watering purposes.

These 10 inch wide outer dimension African violet pots have an inner pot plant opening of 7 inches which is perfect for large specimen sized violets. Each of these pieces are dazzling with a matching glazed upper ring on the unglazed inner pot which allows water to seep through the wall and into the potting mix. The two pieces come apart for easy cleaning, potting and adding water.

A perfect choice for African violets, terrestrial orchids, ferns, tropicals and bromeliads too.

Dimensions of Outer Pot:
10" Wide
7.25" Tall

Dimensions of Inner Pot:
7" Wide
5.25" Tall

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