Dendrobium Wonder Nishii
Dendrobium Wonder Nishii

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10" Ceramic Bonsai Pots


Unique classic shapes, each with a rich deep glaze of sparkling color and matching detached glazed trays makes these Bonsai display pots stand out to accentuate your extraordinary plant. Unlike others you may find, these have been designed not just for looks, but also for the long term health and beauty of your prized Bonsai.

Each pot is raised up on feet to promote drainage and rubber pads are attached to the trays to protect surfaces. These are nice sized pots for Bonsai with more established roots and also for situations where you would like to highlight the scene with stone or other natural elements at the mix surface. Beautiful, functional, and delivered with detachable matching glazed drip trays, these pots will highlight your Bonsai while helping to promote healthy root systems.

Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

Pot Dimensions:
Wide: 8 inches
Long: 10 inches
Deep: 3.5 inches

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