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Vanilla Bean Collection of Ceramic Orchid Pots

5" Solid Vanilla Bean Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot

5" Solid Vanilla Bean Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot

with 5" Crystal Clear Orchid Pot
Vanilla Orchid Pots

We are very excited to introduce the latest additions to our great selection of glazed ceramic pots. This new offering of 5" and 7" beautiful vanilla bean white ceramic orchid pots makes available the same great shapes that are so popular, but in one of the most sought after glaze colors we carry. Each ceramic orchid pot is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike, but each will be a wonderful addition to your display.

The Vanilla Bean Family of 5" and 7" Ceramic Glazed Orchid Pots have all of the existing popular shapes, now in one of the most popular colors! Perfect for any prized plant, for gift giving, and gorgeous all year round in any setting. We have some of our favorite orchids in them for our own enjoyment and they look terrific.

Each of these Orchid Pots have the same great features as our other wonderful ceramic glazed orchid pots. They include rubber pads to protect surfaces, they have generous built in drip trays, marvelous cut out or solid patterns and designs, and rePotme includes a free clear plastic orchid pot that fits inside each ceramic orchid pot ordered.

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