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Bird watching is one of the wonders we have always delighted in. We place bird baths, feeders and houses around our home for the birds' protection and enjoyment, and also so we can hear the chirps, see the flashes of color and appreciate this part of the natural world we are a part of. Our children have peered out the windows on many a wintery day to marvel at these wonderful creatures perched on a feeder or taking up residence in a bird house we put up. The two ponds on our property are a popular visiting spot for many types of birds, some that are just passing through and many that live here year round.

We have come across a few simple yet charming bird houses that we love and we thought you might as well. Each is unique and quite different in style. We have a great weathered wood traditional house, complete with a cut nail perch at the entrance. Roomy and natural, it blends in to the woods, on a tree, or even just as part of an indoor theme in a greenhouse, or on a wall or shelf. Our ceramic bird house has the same magical glaze found on our ceramic orchid and African violet pots. It is a rich deep henna red highlighted with dark chocolate fired hues at the top and bottom. An integrated ceramic perch at the entrance with a ceramic loop and metal wire loop for hanging completes this dramatic piece.

Great as gifts and for around your own home, they will attract fine feathered friends to enjoy and protect all year long.

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