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Finding Your Way Around


We are thrilled to have you visit us! This section is designed to make you feel more comfortable finding your way around, and we would like to point out a few places you might not have noticed, whether this is your first time here or if you are a regular visitor. We will direct our comments to three groups of visitors: the beginner who is learning the basics, the hobbyist with several plants who has been in the game for a while, and the more experienced grower with some years of growing plants indoors, in outside settings and in the greenhouse.

Please feel free to read each section regardless of your level of experience as we hope you will find tips to help navigate your way around as our website is growing and our offerings continue to expand.

One of the first things to notice about our website is that there is a navigation bar on the left side of the screen designed to take you to one of several sections. Each section has a heading, or umbrella identification which contains general information about the topic. For example, the Home heading will always bring you back to the beginning of the website, the front door if you will.

Other headings include Orchid Mixes, Ceramic Pots, Orchid Health and others, including a great learning center under Orchid Care. The Orchid Care section contains Frequently Asked Questions, called FAQ's for short, and you will find helpful basic information and answers about repotting plants, how to fertilize, ideas for making mixes, what different media (mix materials) look like and why they are used, and even data on the weights of media and moisture absorption.

On the right hand side of our Home page are sections we use to communicate what's new, and you will find links to new products, special offerings, articles about rePotme, links to organizations, an area to join our mailing list, a place to buy gift certificates and one of our favorite places, the Testimonial section where you can read what existing customers have to say about their experience working with us.

As you wander around the site, you will find that all pictures lead to a related page when you click them. For example, if you are in the ceramic pottery section and are interested in more detail and larger pictures of small orchid pots -- if you click on the band of small orchid pots, you will be taken to that section, and clicking on the individual small orchid pots there will take you to further detail about a specific pot.

As you click deeper on a picture or a subject, you will be able to see larger more detailed pictures and also be able to read more on that subject. The "Get Details" buttons allow you to get to the place where you can order an item also, and once ordered, that item is placed in the Shopping Cart. Providing zip code information will allow the system to calculate shipping charges for the items you wish to purchase, and quantities can always be changed by using the Update button if you wish.

Changing Quantities in Shopping Cart

Once you have an item in the shopping cart you can easily change its quantity or delete it. Simply highlight the quantity in the shopping cart and change it to zero if you wish to remove it or the number you desire. Then, you must click "recalculate" (blue button next to checkout buttons) for the change to take effect. After making changes in the shopping cart click the "calculate shipping" button (left side center of screen).


In our Mix area, you will find several options to purchase in a way that is most comfortable for you. You can buy a simple scoop (quart) of media in our Scoops-to-Go! area, or if you need more than just a scoop or two of a particular ingredient, you can buy an 10 scoop bag in our Potting Media section. We carry a wide variety of small batch custom blend mixes for most any plant in our Classic and Imperial mix sections and you can buy any type of mix you see offered, by the type of plant or genera you are caring for. Our signature service is Select-A-Blend, and many of our more experienced customers use this section to tell us which ingredients they would like us to blend for them, and for their plants. The difference is that the customer decides exactly which ingredients they want in the bag and we then blend them!

One more place you might want to spend some time is in our Orchid Gallery. This is where we share some pictures of our own plants, along with their names and genera information. In fact, all of the pictures of plants and flowers you see on our website are of our own plants, either on display indoors, in our greenhouse or outdoors depending on the time of year.

We believe all orchid growers will appreciate the Orchid Expert book available in our Orchid Health product section.

We hope you enjoy the website and are delighted to have you as a guest. If you have questions we are more than happy to try and help, and you can reach us by phone at 301 315-2344, or by clicking on the Contact Us section under Resources on the left hand navigation section. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.


One of the goals we built into the website and our business is to make it easy and affordable to care for and enjoy your plants year-round. We do this by keeping plenty of material and supplies on hand regardless of the weather. We know that all plants are not alike in terms of care requirements, and we know that our customers reside in all different climates and grow plants in all sorts of conditions and environments around the world. That is why you won't find just one or two mixes that claim to be for "all orchids" here. That is why we built rePotme around the idea that many enthusiasts have specific requirements and needs, so we have assembled a wide variety of media that can be tailored to specific growing situations.

Surprisingly, if one were to calculate how many mix combinations rePotme can deliver, that number is in the millions and millions and millions! For many growers and hobbyists, it is a welcome pleasure to simply choose from the wide variety of custom blended mixes we have already figured out for each type of plant they may already have.

We have also assembled some crucial other items for your growing success in the Orchid Health section. Here you will find FEED ME! fertilizers that are specifically designed and created for orchids and other prized plants. This MSU (Michigan State University) studied fertilizer is urea free and is the finest quality fertilizer available anywhere for your orchids. We carry FEED ME! exclusively here on our website, it is not available elsewhere, and it can be purchased in granular or liquid form depending on which type is more convenient for you. We like the liquid concentrate because it is easier to handle and mix -- it is already in the form your plants will use, and diluting it with water (Tap, RO or Rain) will yield many gallons of this great food for your plants. Our philosophy is to feed plants "weakly weekly", in other words, provide food to the plants in a weak solution on a weekly basis, but every fourth week we suggest holding back the food and flush with water instead. This is a regimen to use all year long, and you can up the strength a bit in the summer months.

One of our most popular products is our cinnamon infusion natural bug spray which we affectionately named GET OFF ME! This spray uses the natural ingredients of water and cinnamon with a few drops of baby shampoo as a surfactant to discourage bugs from making a home on your prized plants. The fact that it smells wonderful as it works to protect your plant is a side benefit! For tough bugs and infestations, one can mix rubbing alcohol with GET OFF ME! in up to a 50/50 solution for added kick. It works great for us on our plants, and the added benefit of the cinnamon is that it acts as a natural bactericide/ fungicide to protect leaves from damage.

Be sure to have a look at our expanding ceramic pot section as you browse around. We started out with our original 5" and 7" orchid pots in several shapes and colors of glaze, and the response has been so positive that we are greatly expanding the choices. You can now find our Large 9" glazed orchid pots, our Small 3" glazed orchid pots, our heavy duty glazed Cachepots and even the wonderful new Self Watering two part pots that are perfect for African violets and other plants that benefit from a ready supply of water.

Expert Growers

In our Orchid Health section you will find a great article reprinted with the permission of the author about our MSU studied fertilizers. The article is in 5 parts and thoroughly analyzes aspects of plant nutrition by addressing topics of water quality, substrates, plant nutrition, fertilizers and then pulls it all together in a summary that is both educational and practical.

We have recently added Neptune's Harvest Seaweed Organic supplement to the Orchid Health section where you will also find Oyster Shell and Physan 20.

Our Orchid Supply section includes a variety of Vanda baskets, several types of wire hangers, phal hooks, clips and our own specially designed plant labels to improve data entry and information recall on plant particulars such as when a plant was repotted, was it "up" or "down" what is the genera etc. Our Mounts include tree fern, wood slat and cork (as available).

We have a fantastic complete grow light system called the Sun System 150.

Be sure to have a look at our expanding ceramic pot section as you browse around. For those specimen plants in your collection we carry large orchid pots that you don't see anywhere else. They are perfect for displaying very large plants.

Our signature Select-A-Blend custom made small batch mix is one of a kind. We go the extra mile to provide the finest ingredients available anywhere, and then we let you decide what will go in the mix you put your plants in. We take your choices and we gently blend them, bag the mix and ship it to your door moments after you order.

Where else can you get THAT done? delivers the goods for you!

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for your business, your suggestions and your incredible support! We are here for the beginner and the expert, and for everyone in between. We look forward to working with you and providing the finest quality products and the very best customer service you've ever seen.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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