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rePotme Has Added Mobility!

We are pleased to announce two major upgrades to our website that we hope you find delightful!
We now have a brand new Mobile Website and brand new Shopping Cart to make it even simpler to do business with us. It's been a challenge, but great things are rarely accomplished because they are easy!

#1 - Our new Mobile Website is (
Here are some of the things you will now see:

  • Enhanced readability for all screen sizes and all mobile devices. Our desktop site still looks the same but when you visit us on your phone the site stays equally readable by adapting to the smaller size of your phone's screen.
  • A new search bar (also available on the desktop version), that allows for auto complete and speech recognition.
  • Buttons have been adjusted so that clicking is as easy as possible.
  • The website is leaner so you can get either the product or information needed as quickly as possible.
  • The shopping cart is mobile friendly too.
  • The majority of the menu is hidden while you focus on the page you're on. You have the entire menu at your fingertips for whenever you need it, by simply clicking the "more" button at the top.
  • Hop straight to the top of the page you're viewing by clicking the little blue "up arrow" in the bottom right hand corner of your page.

We created our new mobile website with you, the customer, in mind. We went the extra mile in formatting orchid care to be as helpful as possible while also streamlining the ordering process.

#2 - Our New Mobile-Friendly Shopping Cart
Here are some of the things you will now see:

  • A new sharper and clearer layout.
  • No lost items if you choose to go back or if you wish to edit your order.
  • Single page checkout for quicker and easier transactions.
  • The cart dynamically adjusts to fit the screen size of whatever device you are using. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone - you name it, and it will look great while being simple to use and intuitive.

Our uniqueness matters to us. This is why we chose to build a separate mobile website, rather than dismantle our existing website and move to a hosted type shopping cart. It was important to us to keep our original desktop website, the one our customers know and love, the same. Yet, we understood the need for a more mobile friendly site as well. So we opted to give our customers two unique experiences. Our desktop version remains the same unique, lovable site from the past. In addition to the Desktop Site, we have now created a streamlined Mobile Site, made specifically for getting information and/or placing an order on the go. By constructing a separate mobile site,, we have done our very best to give our fine customers the best of both worlds.

So let's talk about some of the features of

First, obviously, it's mobile friendly! No more zooming in to read content. Our site will adjust seamlessly to any mobile device viewing it, making its usability on the go more enjoyable. Next, the desktop and mobile version come equipped with our new search bar. The new search bar will auto-complete words while you type and is compatible with speech recognition. We have also adjusted buttons on the mobile website to be easily clickable, with optimal spacing.

The mobile version of the website is leaner than its big brother, the desktop version. It was designed to get you straight to what you need. Whether you're looking to read orchid care information, order products, watch videos, or view our orchid gallery, everything has been adjusted to make that experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. One of the ways we achieved a leaner site was transferring to a top down navigation set up for mobile users. This allows us to hide most of the site's menu while our customers are on a specific page, yet gives them access to the entire menu whenever they need it. By simply clicking the "More" button, the user is instantly given access to our entire left hand sidebar. Finally, we equipped the mobile site with a responsive design version of our new shopping cart.

After completing the mobile site, we thought to ourselves, "What good is a mobile site without a mobile cart?". We decided it wouldn't be the kind of first rate experience we strive to give our customers without a new, sleeker version of our shopping cart. To solve this, we turned our focus towards our shopping cart and launched what is essentially "version two" of it.

More powerful than ever, our Shopping Cart now has a responsive design that will format the cart specifically for the device you're on. To top off the new look, when you add an item to the cart, its image will show up beside it. We know it can be difficult to remember what every item in your cart looks like, so we wanted to help. Moreover, this version of our cart features a single screen checkout. That means no more lost carts when trying to go back and make a changes during the checkout process.

Our whole goal with version two of the cart is to improve your experience. That means keeping some aspects of version one that customers have told us they really like. So, you can still checkout with Paypal, Amazon, or any major Credit Card. It also means that shipping choices, and real time actual shipping quotes are here to stay as well. We created custom shipping rate tables to help our customers take advantage of our great shipping rates and that is going forward too. Also, just like in version one, you can tell our cart to remember your name and address for future purchases, making checking out quick and easy for all your orders.

This complete overhaul was very time consuming, and we think well worth the effort. Since we do all of our coding in house, rePotme was written from scratch. Our websites are created from our own unique combination of HTML, PHP, Perl, MySQL, and JavaScript. While we love the fact that our website is custom and unique, it definitely requires a serious commitment to build and maintain. So when it came time to give our customers a fresh, new, unique experience on their mobile devices, it was tricky. Because our website isn't built on a template, whether it be a shopping cart template or a Wordpress one, it was necessary to create rePotme Mobile. We believe the challenge of converting our site across platforms helped us improve the overall user experience on both platforms ( desktop and mobile ). In the end, the desktop version of the site was strengthened and the mobile version was born.

Our goal has always been to make it easy and pleasant to learn, browse and shop with us. Helping you grow spectacular plants underpins everything we do at rePotme. Over the last 10 years we have come a long way and your support and feedback has been inspirational to us every step of the way. As we've grown, we've remained ever mindful that you are what drives our success and we do our best every day to earn your trust and continued business.

We have a unique and special website, and our wonderful customers tell us every day how much they appreciate it. What you may not know is that our website is completely designed, developed, and written by us. We are very fortunate to have extremely talented and experienced software developers, engineers, and writers in house, and our work is really a labor of love. As the years have gone by since we began in 2006, many changes have happened in the internet itself and the way we all use it and this has required adaptation and new ways of doing things.

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements! Many hours of work have gone into this project and as always we are eager to hear what you think.

----your friends at

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