Orchid Mix Ideas

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Orchid Mix Ideas

Use What You Know: Make The Perfect Mix

Blend Ideas

Sample Recipes

Here are some orchid mix recipes that have been made using Select-A-Blend.
What would you like to make today?

General Purpose Orchid Mix

6 scoops medium coconut husk chips
4 scoops medium sponge rock
2 scoops small charcoal
This classic mix works well for a wide variety of orchids.

Orchid Mix for Humid Climates

6 scoops tree fern
2 scoops peat moss
2 scoops coir
2 scoops charcoal
The tree fern in this mix makes it perfect for humid climates.

Tropical Orchid Mix

2 scoops tree fern
2 scoops small coconut husk chips
2 scoops small fir bark
2 scoops chopped sphagnum moss
1 scoop Pro-Mix HP
1 scoop Hydroton
1 scoop small charcoal
1 scoop small granite chips
This unique combination is a good mix for a wide variety of orchids. The tree fern and hydroton in this mix will deter it from breaking down quickly, even in very humid environments.

Orchid Mix for growing orchids in 'Mud'

8 scoops Metro Mix 380 (w/ coir)
2 scoops coir
1 scoop perlite
1 scoop small charcoal
A soil-less mix for growing seedlings and phalaenopsis.

If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share please send it to us and we will post it here.

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