Demonstration of Orchid Staking

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Demonstration of Orchid Staking

How To Use Plant Stakes For Orchids

Staking Guide
Phalaenopsis Bloom Spike Supported By Stake

This pictorial is an example of staking an orchid. Here we have a miniature dendrobium which is already in bloom. Ideally, staking would be done before the inflorescence mature allowing for superior flower presentation. We have chosen green painted wire and green paper ties from our orchid supply section. The green will blend in with the orchid and the wire is thin and will be relatively inconspicuous. We will need a minimum of two wires strategically placed.

One wire will be used to bring the center most pseudobulb upright and support its inflorescence. The wire is clipped just above where the twist tie is attached. The twist tie is also clipped with the wire cutters for a clean look.

The second wire to be placed will bring upright the side pseudobulb that has two inflorescences. We will stake the pseudobulb for support and allow the wire to extend up and support the top inflorescence and allow the second inflorescence to arch naturally lower giving a nice full look.

In this example we also staked the third blooming pseudobulb but clipped the wire right at the top of the pseudobulb.

We finish up the presentation of this beautiful miniature dendrobium, biggibum species, by placing it inside of a decorative orchid pot of corresponding color.

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