Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos'
Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos'

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Media Weight Chart

To learn the weights and water absorption of each medium, see our media weight chart below. These measurements were taken by us with the media we offer on this website.

Orchid Media

Dry Weight
per quart
(in ounces)

Wet Weight
per quart
(in ounces)

Water Held
per quart
(in ounces)

Water Held
(as % of

Aliflor - Small17.6202.414%
Aliflor - Medium12.814.8216%
Broken Brick38.4401.64%
Charcoal - Small11.5164.539%
Charcoal - Medium810225%
Charcoal - Large1214.52.521%
Coconut Husk Chips - Small410.46.4160%
Coconut Husk Chips - Medium3.69.25.6156%
Coconut Husk Chips - Large3.284.8150%
Coconut Husk Fiber1.23.22167%
Cork - X-small451425%
Cork - Small34133%
Cork - Medium2.53.5140%
Cork - Large2.23.41.255%
Diatomite - Small1625.69.660%
Diatomite - Medium11.621.61086%
Diatomite - Large10.819.68.881%
Fir bark - Small8.410.82.429%
Fir bark - Medium7.69.6226%
Fir bark - Large6.88.41.624%
Granite Chips
Marble Chips474812%
Metro Mix 380 (with Coir)10.820.81093%
Orchiata™ Monterey Bark - Small1316323%
Orchiata™ Monterey Bark - Medium1416.52.518%
Packing Peanuts0.40.400%
Pea Gravel424537%
Peat Moss418.814.8370%
Pro Mix HP4.420.416364%
Pumice Rock18281055%
Redwood Bark5.67.6236%
Rice Hulls484100%
Rockwool Cubes1.215.614.41200%
Sphagnum Moss - AAA New Zealand2108400%
Sphagnum Moss - Chilean 5 Star3.29.26188%
Sphagnum Moss - Premium Chopped5.69.6471%
Sponge Rock - Small (Perlite)3.610.46.8189%
Sponge Rock - Medium3.2106.8213%
Sponge Rock - Large39.26.2207%
Tree Fern Fiber - Small3.56.5386%
Tree Fern Fiber - Medium2.84.41.657%
Volcanic Rock - Medium18.423.65.228%
Volcanic Rock - Large25.228.43.213%
We presented this chart along with samples of all of our media at the 2006 National Capital Orchid Society Annual Orchid Show in Washington, D.C.

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