Oncidium Mem. Kyoshi Akatsuka
Oncidium Mem. Kyoshi Akatsuka

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Sizes of Orchid Mix Bags

We are pleased to offer the rePotme MINI Bag in all 31 Mix types. RePotme provides great value and variety from our exclusive Imperial Orchid Mixes to the Classics and also our African Violet, Bonsai, Tropicals, Houseplant, and Cactus blends.

Over the years that we have been making our fresh mixes, we have often had requests for a quantity that would be just right for a small project. The MINI Bag, which is almost 2 quarts of mix, is perfect for repotting one or two plants and also for sampling the wide variety of mixes we make every day. With 31 unique mixes to choose from, you can certainly find what you are looking for here. Quantities available range from our giant CUBES to the Standard, Junior and now the MINI Bag too.

Whether it is variety of mix types or quantity needed, rePotme Delivers The Goods!

Please see each individual mix page to order the MINI Bag. Each one is shipped in a convenient zip lock bag and is stuffed with our wonderful fresh mix. Classic, Imperial, and Tropical, 31 types and each available from the MINI Bag all the way up to the CUBES.

The MINI Bag is convenient, very affordable and bursting with the fresh quality you expect from rePotme!

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