Crystal Clear™ Orchid Pots

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Crystal Clear™ Orchid Pots

We have searched far and wide to find what we think are superior crystal clear orchid pots  that are as functional as they are attractive.

Clear Orchid Pots

Crystal Clear pots give a transparent view of emerging roots while also encouraging photosynthesis at the roots. See for yourself how well an orchid is doing by keeping a clear watch on root growth.

Clear orchid pots available in 3.5", 4", 4.25", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 5.75", 6", 8", and a Growers Assortment

Here are the details: First, each of our clear pots has to offer great drainage ability and these fit the bill with a multi level base of several holes and ported areas that themselves have holes in them. The holes in the ported areas are at a higher level than the holes in the base and this is what creates the double drainage functionality that prevents water pooling. Keeping roots healthy is critical and good drainage with the ability for air to enter is a must. Again, these pots make the grade. Each pot has a nice rolled lip for handling and transport. Our original rePotme clear plastic pots are distinguished by the surprising clarity or "see through" aspect of the plastic.

Our rigid clear orchid pots are distinguished from our other clear pots primarily because they are solid and stiff walled, not as flexible as the crystal clears.

Be sure to check out our latest slotted clear orchid pots too. We have them in four sizes. These are the more traditional "clear", not quite as see through as the original rePotme crystal clear pots above, but they bring a dramatic increase in drainage and aeration both at the bottom and the sides. The clear slotted pots from rePotme are available now in sizes of 3", 4.25", 5" and 6". We also have a great clear square pot which measures 3.25" and has tremendous open drainage at the bottom.

We carry outstanding white orchid pots with great drainage features too. If you are looking for even more variety and sizes, be sure to check out our white plastic pot product line. These were chosen for performance too, and rePotme offers them in larger sizes (up to 10 inches), in-between sizes (5 1/2, 4.5, 3.5) and square shapes too.

Orchid Roots in Crystal Clear Pots

This young plant is clearly settling in nicely in its new mix.

Orchid roots in a clear orchid pot

This established plant is showing good root growth.
The crystal clear pot is allowing for photosynthisis.

Roots wrapping around the bottom of the pot mean this orchid
will move up an inch in pot size with its next repotting.

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