Phalaenopsis schilleriana
Phalaenopsis schilleriana

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3.75" Green Oxygen Core Dual Orchid Pot

3.75" Green Oxygen Core Dual Orchid Pot
3.75" Green Oxygen Core Dual Orchid Pot




Product Highlights

  • Two Part Pot Which Creates a Perfect Environment for Growing
  • Outer Pot Allows For Dappled Light to Enter
  • The Inner Net Pot is Raised Up for Air Flow and Drainage
  • Many Distinct Openings in the Bottom for Water to Escape and Oxygen to Enter
  • Create an Environment Which Reduces Potential Root Rot While Increasing Humidity

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dual oxygen core orchid pot

Our Oxygen Core Dual™ Pot brings a new level of logic to growing orchids in pots. Same great features as our clear, now in colors in selected sizes. It is a two part pot with several innovations brought together to create a perfect environment for growing. The outer pot is clear but stiff walled and allows for maximum light to enter. It is domed in the center and raised up on the inside for air flow and drainage. There are 14 distinct openings in the bottom for water to escape and oxygen to enter. The exterior also has 4 square open ports that serve as channels for water to drain away.

The inner core pot is a net pot which fits down into the outer pot which has a raised center dome creating an air gap between the pots.

The result of all these features is to create a growing environment that enhances humidity in the space between the two pots on the sides and at the bottom. Air flow is significantly improved which reduces potential root rot while increasing humidity. A further advantage of this design is that it contains the roots inside the pot by encouraging root growth "around and down" rather than over the top of the rim. Oxygen is key to happy roots and the Oxygen Core Dual Pot from rePotme is one special pot for your prized plants to thrive in.

We recommend watching the roots so that they don't become tangled between the two pots. Once the roots become well established and protrude through the inner net pot, we like to then remove the plant from the inner pot and place it in the outer shell for longer term growth. We think of the inner pot as a kind of training wheels set-up for orchids that need the optimum development environment. We don't want to leave the "training wheels" in place too long once the desired development has taken place which could result in an unnecessary challenge to free the roots at repotting time. Freeing roots can be done by snipping the inner net pot (preferably not the roots!). Replacement inner net pots and outer shells are available in all sizes.

3.75 inches top diameter
3.00 inches bottom diameter
3.50 inches tall

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