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Growers Assortments

Growers Assortments of Slotted Pots - Designed by
The Super Slot Pot™ by rePotme is the latest innovation in delivering maximum drainage and airflow in a single pot. Perfect for Orchids, African Violets and other fine plants requiring great drainage and airflow. Available in 12 stunning colors, these pots are, simply put, the greatest slotted orchid pot available anywhere in the world today.

Growers Assortments of our Slot Pot family!

Now there are four unique sizes of the Super Slot Pot™ by rePotme (3", 4", 5" and 6" diameter) for Orchids, African Violets and other fine plants requiring great drainage and airflow.

Designed by, our remarkable round Slotted Orchid Pots with side and bottom slots are now available for ordering for the first time ever. Slotted orchid pots increase aeration around roots. The exclusive Super Slot Pot™ by rePotme has 10 side slots, 18 more slots at the bottom sides and an additional 18 more slots in the inner core center which rise up to form the elevated interior base. If your goal is to get a pot with extraordinary drainage and airflow, this is that pot. We call it a "super-slot pot" because of its unique design and performance. It comes with a substantial reinforced outer rim at the top and is made with UV protection built in for longevity.

This pot is available is a variety of colors and also clear. It is the smallest of the four sizes that make up the family of rePotme Slot Pots. We made them all strong and tough, with logically placed slots for extraordinary drainage and oxygen flow to root systems. We made the base wide for added stability and also added UV Protection to the plastic for increased durability when exposed to the sun. We also made them in beautiful colors just like our Carousel pots, and with even more color choices. In fact, these can also be used as liners for Carousel pots when using finer particle potting mixes. They will look perfect when color matching or if using the clear ones.

These are wonderful pots for maximum drainage and airflow. Perfect for all orchid types (and African Violets too) with no worries about excessive mix leaking out of side slots because the slots are just the right size to contain potting material. Put two together (nested) and you can even adjust the side slot size from normal opening to zero opening. With 46 slots around and beneath the pot, you can be sure your orchid will enjoy uniform moisture levels throughout the potting mix. These Slot Pots have more drainage capacity at the base than any other single pot we carry. That's important to help prevent root rot trouble caused by too much moisture at the root zone.

Imagine the possibilities with such a wide variety of colors! All colors allow light into the roots and most even allow you to see through while adding some complimentary color to a room and/or the bloom. They nest together perfectly so you can even change colors in the blink of an eye without ever disturbing roots! For example, pot your orchid in the Clear and then use a Pink as the "Cover Pot". Want to change the look to Copper, Green or Wild Orchid on a given day or seasonally? Just swap the Cover Pot by sliding the Clear one with your orchid safely inside right down into the new color one! They are a breeze to fit together and take apart because the high quality polished plastic has no friction points. We even built in tiny spacers so the pots won't stick together when nested.

  • The perfect orchid pot - great for African Violets too
  • Rainbow of color choices including Original Clear
  • Best drainage and airflow of any single pot we offer
  • Available with strong clear heavy duty 6" saucers
  • Easy "nesting" for quick Cover Pot color changes (Clear Inner and Color Outer Cover Pot)
  • Nest two together and you can also adjust side slots from open to closed depending on your growing environment and seasonal changes

5 inches top diameter
3.75 inches bottom diameter
4.25 inches tall

Available in 11 stunning colors and also clear, these pots are, simply put, what we believe to be the finest slotted orchid pots available anywhere in the world. We designed them and built them for you and for your fine plants. Four sizes and 11 colors in addition to clear. Also available in Growers Assortments.

5" Slotted Clear Orchid Pot5" Black Onyx Slotted Orchid Pot5" White Pearl Slotted Orchid Pot5" Rose Quartz Slotted Orchid Pot5" Blue Sapphire Slotted Orchid Pot5" Golden Creme Slotted Orchid Pot5" Wild Orchid Slotted Orchid Pot5" Copper Amber Slotted Orchid Pot5" Purple Amethyst Slotted Orchid Pot5" Green Emerald Slotted Orchid Pot5" Ruby Red Slotted Orchid Pot5" Yellow Topaz Slotted Orchid Pot - We Deliver the Goods!

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