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Hydro LECA

Hydro LECA Mini Bag
Premium Quality Resealable Bag (2 Quarts)


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Product Highlights

  • Unique Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate
  • Very Porous, Free Draining, pH Neutral, and Reusable
  • Uneven Shape and Size Provides Good Support for Orchid Roots
  • Dust Free, Inert, and Promotes Good Oxygen Levels at the Root Zone
  • Particle Size Ranges from About 1/4 Inch to 5/8 Inch

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*U.S. Quarter shown for reference.

Note: In general, one quart of potting media fills a six inch wide pot, two four inch pots, or half of an eight inch pot with no plant in it.

Hydro LECA is a unique lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) made in Europe. It is similar to other LECA stone products known as Aliflor, Hydroton, Hydrokorrel, Hydrocks, Hydro Corn, Lecarocks, Leca stone and Hydrocorn grow rocks. It is ecologically sustainable as it is derived from a plentiful source, clay. Size ranges from about 1/4" - 5/8"). The clay is formed into pellets and fired in rotary kilns which causes the clay to expand inside like popcorn which makes it very porous. Hydro LECA is uneven in shape and size providing good support for orchid roots. Advantages of Hydro LECA include free draining qualities, pH Neutrality, and they can be reused. Hydro LECA is dust free and inert while promoting good oxygen levels at the root zone. HydroLECA is known by the brand name Hydroton.

Hydro LECA: one of the many quality substrates offered by rePotme for orchids, bonsai and all fine plants. We offer it as an individual potting medium, and also in our custom "make your own" Select-A-Blend Custom Orchid Mix

If you would like to have us make you up a custom mix we will make it, pack it and ship it right to your door. Select-A-Blend is unique because we let YOU create a custom potting mix with any combination of 12 quarts from our giant menu of potting media. Try Select-A-Blend the next time you plant or repot. This unique custom mix offering is one-of-a-kind and helps make planting and repotting simple and fun while offering you a myriad of choices of the best possible fresh mediums! Available as an individual media, in a variety of size containers, or as mix --- you decide, and rePotme will deliver it. What could be better?

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