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Cork Mounts

Cork Mount - Extra Small
irregularly shaped, about 2 x 3 inch




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Our lovely thick slabs of natural virgin cork have an uneven surface with multiple crevices to provide your orchid with great opportunities for the roots to adhere. rePotme is happy to carry the finest grade natural virgin cork from Portugal. Cork is a natural product that is produced from the bark of the Cork Oak or quercus suber tree, which grows in countries around the Mediterranean, predominately in Portugal and Spain. The bark of a cork tree is carefully removed every 9 to 10 years by experienced professional harvesters and the tree then grows a new thick coat of bark, almost like sheep grow wool! Cork harvesters cycle through the trees in a manner that creates a reliable source of this unique wood. Cork is a renewable resource, the average life span of a cork tree is more than 200 years. Orchids love growing in, on and around cork like the type we carry because the roots work their way in and around the craggy surfaces and texture.

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Cork Mounted Brassavola Nodosa

Cork Mounted Brassavola Nodosa

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