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Brown Gloves

Brown Gloves
Brown Gloves




Product Highlights

  • Protect Your Hands and Plants while Working
  • Increased Grip

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We offer two types of knit gardening gloves that are both great for light or medium work in the home, garden and greenhouse. We use them all the time when doing our work, and when they get used up, out they go! Reasonably priced yet surprisingly comfortable, they come in one size which we have found seems to fit everyone. The brown ones are of a heavier material, 100% cotton and the weave is quite smooth. The white gloves seem to get grabbed most often because they are more stretchy and seem to kind of rejuvenate the hands while working. The white ones are bit more of an open weave (cotton/poly blend) so hands stay cooler in warm weather, while the brown ones are nice for keeping hands warmer in cooler weather. Both do a great job of keeping your hands clean, and the price makes them easy to pitch out when you want fresh ones. Try a few pairs of each, you get a discount when you buy three!

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