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Vanda Baskets

Our baskets are solidly constructed wood vanda style and each has 4 metal eyelets to connect our wire hangers. We sell the baskets and wire hangers separately because some of our customers prefer to take delivery of the baskets by themselves and others need to replace old hangers but don't need the baskets.

Vanda baskets can be used in a variety of ways. These are the traditional baskets that Vandas are grown in. In humid climates these orchids like to weave their bare roots through the basket and drape out the sides and down. In less humid conditions large coconut husk chips or large chunks of fir bark are used to anchor the orchid in the basket providing extra moisture retention. These chunks are too large to fit easily through the slats.

A variety of orchids and other plants can be grown in vanda baskets, not just vandas. Baskets can be used instead of pots with coconut husk fiber wedged in between the slats to hold in the orchid mix. Vanda baskets work well sitting on the growing area just like a pot or hung from the ceiling. Usually vandas are hung up due to their high light requirements and cascading roots. We have basket hangers available if required. Currently we are growing miniature cattleya in our cattleya blend and a clump of doritis pulcherrima in our phalaenopsis sphagnum blend in coconut husk fiber lined baskets on the bench in our greenhouse. We also like to use a sideways basket approach for those species phalaenopsis that just have to grow sideways instead of straight up and in so doing create a natural look while reducing the risk of crown rot.

Vanda baskets are a great way to vary the growing conditions and presentation of all orchids, just add some imagination and fun!

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