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Blc. Gladys Omae 'Roy'

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Haws 1 Quart Metal Watering Can with Rose - Ruby

Haws 1 Quart Metal Watering Can with Rose - Ruby
Haws 1 Quart Metal Watering Can with Rose - Ruby




Product Highlights

  • Haws Quality. The Finest English Watering Cans.
  • Our Haws Watering Cans Come in a Variety of Styles and Finishes
  • Designed to Create a Balanced, Perfect Pour

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Haws Watering Cans:

If a properly designed gorgeous metal watering can designed and made in England is what you want, we have the perfect model for you. Available in four great colors, classic British Racing Green, beautiful Ruby Red , a crisp lustrous Titanium Silver, and stately Copper. these cans are as beautiful as they are functional. Each comes with a professional brass oval rose ( sprinkler head ) that is removable and is delivered in a small attached pouch with the can.

Haws watering can

Each of these great watering cans are shipped to you from us in its own gift box and each is meticulously crafted for many years of faithful service. We use them with our collection and love the curved spout that enables directing water flow into tight spots and beyond "front row" plants. Because the can is relatively light, even when full, it is a pleasure to use and is beautifully balanced. We like the multiple handle points and the straight cross member that is perfect for transporting when full.

These are each works of art, and we like to have them around just to look at as part of our display and gardenscape. Easy to fill with a brilliant top collar that prevents spilling.

Great for indoor and outdoor use, these cans are made to last. Crafted with galvanized steel and finished in any of three beautiful glossy powder coat colors ( inside and out ).

Simply a pleasure to use!

Titanium Silver
Ruby Red
British Racing Green

6" tall from base to top of pot
4 1/2" wide water tank

Capacity is 1 quart/litre

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