Orchitop® Carousel Orchid Pot Hanger

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Orchitop® Carousel Orchid Pot Hanger

Baby Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot Hanger
Set of Three Hangers - Fits 3.75" Baby Carousel Pots

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Baby Hanger Fits all 3.75" Baby Carousel Pots
Standard Hanger Fits all 5.25" Carousel Pots and 7" Big Top Carousel Pots

orchitop carousel orchid pot hanger

The Orchitop™ Carousel Pot Hangers fit perfectly on the ribs of an Orchitop™ Carousel Pot allowing the pot and saucer to be hung. Sold in sets of three hangers which will support one pot. The hangers are clear to blend with any pot color. There are two sizes, one that fits both the Standard and Big Top carousel pots and a shorter version that fits only the Baby carousel pots. The pots can be hung using a vanda basket hanger, chains or fishing line.

Shown at right is a carousel pot with a set of three hangers on it. It is shown here without the saucer to show the detail of the hanger. The saucer clips on nicely with the hanger in place and the hanger suspends the saucer as well.

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